Enhance Curb Appeal with Picture Windows in Medical Lake

Picture WindowsAside from letting in natural light, windows are also an integral part of the interior and exterior décor of your home. One of our favorite ways to amplify the look is by installing picture windows.

What Are Picture Windows?

Picture windows are windows minus the cross pieces that divide the view. They’re fixed in place and can’t be opened. You can accomplish a lot with picture windows. They can be installed as a standalone feature or adjacent to your regular windows. More homeowners opt for the latter.

In some homes, these windows are installed as the main window with vented windows on either side. One can also be positioned above the primary window and be shorter in height and have the same width. If you have vented windows side by side, then the upper picture window can extend to the width of both of the side vented windows.

We also install these windows just below the ceiling. Like conventional windows, they can also be tinted or tempered to create a variety of looks and styles. Continue Reading →

Should You Replace Every Window at Once in Medical Lake?

Replacing Every Window │ Spokane │ Exteriors UnlimitedHomeowners who only need to replace a single window may eventually decide to replace all of them. Ultimately, it comes down to your needs and financial constraints. Replacing every window at once, though, can actually save you money in the long-term

The Advantage of Replacing Every Window

Some contractors offer a bulk discount if you replace multiple windows at the same time. Another benefit is that you’ll maintain aesthetic consistency. It doesn’t do the exterior any favors if you have mismatched windows.

Other Strategies

Of course, not every homeowner can replace all the windows at the same time. If so, then we suggest making replacements based on priority. If, for instance, you have a living room window that’s not opening and shutting properly, then replace that window and all others in that specific room. The windows in other areas like the bedrooms can wait for the time being.

You can also elect to replace all the windows on one side of a wall. Unless there’s a specific window that needs immediate replacement, we suggest placing priority on all the windows facing the front of the house. Continue Reading →

Common Fiber Cement Siding Problems in Spokane Valley

Fiber Cement SidingEvery type of siding has its pros and cons. Fiber cement siding is no exception. While this variety is known for its ability to withstand high temperatures and salty air, it’s not without its disadvantages. Luckily, common fiber cement siding problems are quite fixable via simple DIY solutions.


Gaps may form between the planks. This is usually because the siding was too moist during installation. If the gap is less than 1/18-inch wide, you may be able to mask the gap by painting over the caulking using the same color as the rest of the siding. For wider gaps, however, you’ll need to bring in a professional to readjust the siding.


Fiber cement siding isn’t resistant to physical impact and can crack if struck. Cracks often occur when the siding is installed in a recently built home. This is because the house has not completely settled yet on its foundation. Instead of replacing the panel entirely, most cracks can be repaired using a fiber cement patch, available in most hardware shops. Apply the putty over the crack and smooth it out using a dull knife. Continue Reading →

Four Different Types of Exterior Window Shutters in Spokane

Window Shutter TypesShutters have been in use around the globe for centuries. They protected homes from the elements in the days when windows were an expensive and rare commodity. In modern times, shutters are a nice add-on for boosting curb appeal. Learn of the various window shutter types and the home types each is best suited for.

Louvered Window Shutters

Louvered shutters are one of the most common variety. They consist of overlapping uniform wood slats set within a frame. Due to their fairly generic appearance, louvered shutters are suitable for all kinds of homes. If painted a bold color, they make a great focal point against a white saltbox-style residence or a house with all-white siding. In some variants, the slats can be adjusted to let in or block sunlight.

Board and Batten Shutters

As suggested in the name, these shutters are made from wooden boards joined together by a horizontal crosspiece. Board and batten shutters are a mainstay for cottage and farm-style houses. They also look really elegant on homes with curved windows. Continue Reading →

Siding Sound Transmission: Reducing Noise for a Quieter Home

exteriors-unlimited-6Spokane Valley homeowners are all too familiar with urban traffic noise. The constant sound of cars, planes, and pedestrians can really be distracting for residents that just want peace and quiet. To minimize noise, you may want to take the siding sound transmission into consideration. 

Siding Sound Transmission Level Varies

The noise insulation level differs depending on the siding type. Vinyl, for example, outperforms most others for noise frequencies below 4,000 Hz. Stone and other organic material, by contrast, perform better for frequencies above 4,000 Hz.

Heavier and thicker siding is also better for masking sound. Ask a contractor about siding thickness if curtailing noise level is a top priority. Also, composite siding – those made from two or more materials – tend to work better as a noise barrier.

Other Ways to Soundproof Your Home

You should also go beyond the siding. Put it this way: the more mass between the home interior and exterior the better. You should also consider thicker windows, such as triple-pane glass rather than the more commonplace double-pane. Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Low-E Glass

exteriors-unlimited-5Summer is not far off. During this time of year, your home can feel like an oven with you and your family roasting inside. Rather than switching the air conditioner on full blast and spending a fortune on your energy bill, consider switching to Low-E glass. Find out what type of window this is and how it can lower indoor temperature.

What Is Low-E Glass?

As suggested in its name, low-emissivity windows are a type of glass with a coating that reduces their emissivity. Emissivity basically refers to a surface’s ability to radiate energy. The coating applied on low-e glass is designed to curtail the level of infrared and ultraviolet light that passes through the window. It does this without affecting the amount of visible light that gets through.

All the scientific stuff aside, what you need to know is that the lower the emissivity the more energy efficient it is. Windows also have an emissivity rating. For comparison’s sake, uncoated glass has a rating of .84. Coated window ratings vary, but some have a rating as low as .02.

Coated windows on average are about $40 to $50 more per pane than uncoated windows. However, you’ll quickly recover the cost by saving elsewhere, such as by using a lower AC setting. It also increases your house’s value should you decide to put your property on the market down the road. Continue Reading →

Home In Progress

Window and Siding Replacement in Spokane

This house was built with contractor-grade siding and windows. During our initial consultation with the homeowner, we learned they wanted to give their home additional visual curb appeal, minimize exterior maintenance, and increase home energy efficiency. Window and siding replacement achieves these ends.
Exteriors Unlimited

The house was first prepared by installing a high-density foam insulation board that increases the walls’ R-value and acts as a vapor barrier. The joints of the insulation board are taped to reduce air penetration. The window casings are custom wrapped prior to installing the siding.
Exteriors Unlimited

After the walls are prepared, the vinyl siding is installed to allow for natural expansion and contraction. If it’s fastened too tightly or not given enough room to expand, it will bow and buckle as the temperatures fluctuate over the changing seasons.
Exteriors Unlimited

Vinyl siding must be installed beginning from one corner of the house and working around until reaching back to the starting point. It’s important all the shadow lines match up at all the outside and inside corners. This is done by laying out the walls before applying the siding. As you can see from the image, we’re 90% complete with the window and siding replacement and ready for the finishing touches.
Exteriors Unlimited

The moment of truth where everything comes together: windows, cultured stones, soffits, fascia, window and door wraps, gutter system, and vinyl siding. The final touch consisted of vinyl shakes in the gable ends of the home to give it life and lasting curb appeal. Voila! Another fantastic looking home by Exteriors Unlimited and another satisfied homeowner.
Exteriors Unlimited

If you wish to enhance curb appeal and reduce energy costs with energy-efficient window and siding replacement, give Exteriors Unlimited a call today.

High-Quality Window & Siding Replacement

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Prevent Mildew Growth in 3 Simple Steps

prevent mildew growthMildew isn’t always harmful for your siding, but it can make your home look dull, dingy, and worn beyond its years. Fortunately, you may prevent mildew growth on your siding with some simple home maintenance.

Maintain Your Siding

Regularly check your siding for greenish or brownish splotches. Mildew often grows in areas of the siding that typically receive shade. Areas of the siding that surround vents are also prone to mildew growth. 

Clean Gutters Prevent Mildew Growth

Clogged gutters can leak rainwater onto certain areas of the siding. This is also the case if there are cracks, splits, or other openings in the gutters.

Removing Mildew

Mildew removal is quite easy. You don’t need to use any fancy and expensive commercial sprays. All you need is a washcloth and a bucket filled with three parts water and one-part bleach. Apply the solution on the surface and let it sit for about 30 minutes before wiping the area clean and rinsing with a garden hose. Continue Reading →

Reasons to Remove Your Window Screens this Winter

winter window screen, remove window screenWinter is in full swing. With this in mind, we suggest that you remove your window screens. This is an effective hack few homeowners are aware of. Here’s why we recommend this. Removing your window screens during the winter serves more than one purpose.

Let in More Light

Most homeowners don’t realize that mesh screens block out a portion of sunlight. Removing the window screen maximizes natural sunlight, which is especially important during the winter when natural lighting is minimal. Aside from more light penetration, it also lets in more heat. The area around the window is about eight-degrees warmer with the screen removed.

Reduce Snow Accumulation

Snow can get lodged between the window and window screen. The weight and pressure of the snow can cause the screen to warp and bow. When the snow melts, the water can also damage the frame and sill. This can reduce the window’s life, making replacement necessary sooner rather than later.

Keeps the Window Clean

Snow is not just ice water. It contains dirt and salt. When the snow melts, these sediments can remain and stain the window. As mentioned, the screen keeps the snow in place and in constant contact with the window glass and frame. Snow is also a major cause of staining of the home exterior, including the siding and roof.

Prevents Indoor Mold

If you have a casement window, the screen is installed in the home’s interior. The screen can act as a filter that traps condensation. This can lead to excess moisture that causes mold and mildew growth in the immediate vicinity.

Make it a Priority to Remove Your Window Screens this Winter

With 2020 still young, why not make a resolution to take better care of your home? The care begins with a call to Exteriors Unlimited. Removing your window screens is an easily followable advice that contributes to home wellness.

New Residential Window Replacement

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How to Protect Wooden Window Frames

wooden window frames, window framesWooden window frames have tremendous aesthetic appeal. However, wood requires special maintenance or else you can expect it to rot and/or warp. How can you care for this window component so it will retain its structural integrity?

Wooden Window Frame’s Vulnerability

Wood is susceptible to rot from moisture buildup. It can also begin accumulating mold. The wood can also split, creating openings that allow heat to escape. In addition, the trapped moisture can erode the window’s silicone sealing.

Water accumulation is especially a problem if you have single glaze windows. This variety becomes quite cold when exposed to water vapor. This causes water droplets to form on the glass and eventually drip down and rest on the wood. A window upgrade to double glazed glass is recommended. Exteriors Unlimited installs modern windows with improved insulation. Continue Reading →