Siding Sound Transmission: Reducing Noise for a Quieter Home

exteriors-unlimited-6Spokane Valley homeowners are all too familiar with urban traffic noise. The constant sound of cars, planes, and pedestrians can really be distracting for residents that just want peace and quiet. To minimize noise, you may want to take the siding sound transmission into consideration. 

Siding Sound Transmission Level Varies

The noise insulation level differs depending on the siding type. Vinyl, for example, outperforms most others for noise frequencies below 4,000 Hz. Stone and other organic material, by contrast, perform better for frequencies above 4,000 Hz.

Heavier and thicker siding is also better for masking sound. Ask a contractor about siding thickness if curtailing noise level is a top priority. Also, composite siding – those made from two or more materials – tend to work better as a noise barrier.

Other Ways to Soundproof Your Home

You should also go beyond the siding. Put it this way: the more mass between the home interior and exterior the better. You should also consider thicker windows, such as triple-pane glass rather than the more commonplace double-pane. Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Low-E Glass

exteriors-unlimited-5Summer is not far off. During this time of year, your home can feel like an oven with you and your family roasting inside. Rather than switching the air conditioner on full blast and spending a fortune on your energy bill, consider switching to Low-E glass. Find out what type of window this is and how it can lower indoor temperature.

What Is Low-E Glass?

As suggested in its name, low-emissivity windows are a type of glass with a coating that reduces their emissivity. Emissivity basically refers to a surface’s ability to radiate energy. The coating applied on low-e glass is designed to curtail the level of infrared and ultraviolet light that passes through the window. It does this without affecting the amount of visible light that gets through.

All the scientific stuff aside, what you need to know is that the lower the emissivity the more energy efficient it is. Windows also have an emissivity rating. For comparison’s sake, uncoated glass has a rating of .84. Coated window ratings vary, but some have a rating as low as .02.

Coated windows on average are about $40 to $50 more per pane than uncoated windows. However, you’ll quickly recover the cost by saving elsewhere, such as by using a lower AC setting. It also increases your house’s value should you decide to put your property on the market down the road. Continue Reading →

Home In Progress

Window and Siding Replacement in Spokane

This house was built with contractor-grade siding and windows. During our initial consultation with the homeowner, we learned they wanted to give their home additional visual curb appeal, minimize exterior maintenance, and increase home energy efficiency. Window and siding replacement achieves these ends.
Exteriors Unlimited

The house was first prepared by installing a high-density foam insulation board that increases the walls’ R-value and acts as a vapor barrier. The joints of the insulation board are taped to reduce air penetration. The window casings are custom wrapped prior to installing the siding.
Exteriors Unlimited

After the walls are prepared, the vinyl siding is installed to allow for natural expansion and contraction. If it’s fastened too tightly or not given enough room to expand, it will bow and buckle as the temperatures fluctuate over the changing seasons.
Exteriors Unlimited

Vinyl siding must be installed beginning from one corner of the house and working around until reaching back to the starting point. It’s important all the shadow lines match up at all the outside and inside corners. This is done by laying out the walls before applying the siding. As you can see from the image, we’re 90% complete with the window and siding replacement and ready for the finishing touches.
Exteriors Unlimited

The moment of truth where everything comes together: windows, cultured stones, soffits, fascia, window and door wraps, gutter system, and vinyl siding. The final touch consisted of vinyl shakes in the gable ends of the home to give it life and lasting curb appeal. Voila! Another fantastic looking home by Exteriors Unlimited and another satisfied homeowner.
Exteriors Unlimited

If you wish to enhance curb appeal and reduce energy costs with energy-efficient window and siding replacement, give Exteriors Unlimited a call today.

High-Quality Window & Siding Replacement

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Prevent Mildew Growth in 3 Simple Steps

prevent mildew growthMildew isn’t always harmful for your siding, but it can make your home look dull, dingy, and worn beyond its years. Fortunately, you may prevent mildew growth on your siding with some simple home maintenance.

Maintain Your Siding

Regularly check your siding for greenish or brownish splotches. Mildew often grows in areas of the siding that typically receive shade. Areas of the siding that surround vents are also prone to mildew growth. 

Clean Gutters Prevent Mildew Growth

Clogged gutters can leak rainwater onto certain areas of the siding. This is also the case if there are cracks, splits, or other openings in the gutters.

Removing Mildew

Mildew removal is quite easy. You don’t need to use any fancy and expensive commercial sprays. All you need is a washcloth and a bucket filled with three parts water and one-part bleach. Apply the solution on the surface and let it sit for about 30 minutes before wiping the area clean and rinsing with a garden hose. Continue Reading →

Reasons to Remove Your Window Screens this Winter

winter window screen, remove window screenWinter is in full swing. With this in mind, we suggest that you remove your window screens. This is an effective hack few homeowners are aware of. Here’s why we recommend this. Removing your window screens during the winter serves more than one purpose.

Let in More Light

Most homeowners don’t realize that mesh screens block out a portion of sunlight. Removing the window screen maximizes natural sunlight, which is especially important during the winter when natural lighting is minimal. Aside from more light penetration, it also lets in more heat. The area around the window is about eight-degrees warmer with the screen removed.

Reduce Snow Accumulation

Snow can get lodged between the window and window screen. The weight and pressure of the snow can cause the screen to warp and bow. When the snow melts, the water can also damage the frame and sill. This can reduce the window’s life, making replacement necessary sooner rather than later.

Keeps the Window Clean

Snow is not just ice water. It contains dirt and salt. When the snow melts, these sediments can remain and stain the window. As mentioned, the screen keeps the snow in place and in constant contact with the window glass and frame. Snow is also a major cause of staining of the home exterior, including the siding and roof.

Prevents Indoor Mold

If you have a casement window, the screen is installed in the home’s interior. The screen can act as a filter that traps condensation. This can lead to excess moisture that causes mold and mildew growth in the immediate vicinity.

Make it a Priority to Remove Your Window Screens this Winter

With 2020 still young, why not make a resolution to take better care of your home? The care begins with a call to Exteriors Unlimited. Removing your window screens is an easily followable advice that contributes to home wellness.

New Residential Window Replacement

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How to Protect Wooden Window Frames

wooden window frames, window framesWooden window frames have tremendous aesthetic appeal. However, wood requires special maintenance or else you can expect it to rot and/or warp. How can you care for this window component so it will retain its structural integrity?

Wooden Window Frame’s Vulnerability

Wood is susceptible to rot from moisture buildup. It can also begin accumulating mold. The wood can also split, creating openings that allow heat to escape. In addition, the trapped moisture can erode the window’s silicone sealing.

Water accumulation is especially a problem if you have single glaze windows. This variety becomes quite cold when exposed to water vapor. This causes water droplets to form on the glass and eventually drip down and rest on the wood. A window upgrade to double glazed glass is recommended. Exteriors Unlimited installs modern windows with improved insulation. Continue Reading →

Window U-Factor: How Effective Is Your Window’s Insulation?

window u-factor, window insulationIn past posts, we’ve discussed at length the importance of a window’s energy efficiency. One way this is measured is through the window U-factor. Very few homeowners are aware of the U-factor, though it’s an integral part of modern window installation.

What Is a Window U-Factor?

In a nutshell, the U-factor indicates a window’s ability to prevent warm air from escaping the home interior. The U-factor is especially a big deal in the winter. You want to retain as much heat as possible and keep heating costs to a minimum.

If your windows are really out of date, a window replacement with a good U-factor rating can slash energy costs up to 50%. Continue Reading →

Does Condensation Produce Sweaty Windows in Your Home?

sweaty windows, window condensationThe mercury in the thermometer drops as we proceed through the fall. The chilly weather may also bring a condition some people refer as sweaty windows. Are your windows becoming “sweaty” from condensation with the arrival of colder temperatures?

What Are Sweaty Windows?

Sweaty windows occur when condensation builds up on the window surface. While a nuisance, this is not an indicator that something is wrong with your windows. The process is natural and happens when temperatures are low and humidity is high.

Why Condensation Builds Up on Windows

Why does condensation build up on glass but not on other surfaces? Why don’t you see condensation on your tile floors, upholstery, or outdoor siding? Glass has a cooler surface than other materials. When temperatures dip, the warmer interior air makes contact with the cooler glass surface. This causes the warm air to cool, and the vapors in the air turn to liquid and cling to the glass. Continue Reading →

Replace Your Old Jalousie Windows

jalousie window

Does your home contain jalousie windows? Perhaps you’re considering renovating your home with this window type because you think it’s hip and trendy. From our professional perspective, we believe jalousie windows are viable solutions, though there are better options. Here’s why.

What Are Jalousie Windows?

The best way to describe jalousie windows is to compare them to window blinds. Picture those blinds made from glass and serving as the actual window. They were popular prior to the 1970s but gradually fell out of favor with the advent of residential air conditioning.

The appeal is that homeowners can open the windows to the desired degree using a simple knob or crank. This was an efficient way to control the level of breeze. Despite having fallen out of style decades ago, some homeowners, especially those into retro home designs, find them fashionable.

The Disadvantage of Jalousie Windows

The biggest drawback of jalousie windows is the lack of security. The horizontal glass panels are a lot easier for a burglar to smash than a traditional glass pane.

In addition, this window type also lacks energy efficiency if you regularly run your AC. Even in the fully closed position, there are still gaps between panels that allow air to escape. This is especially a big drawback in the winter. Heat escapes through these gaps and creates unnecessary draft.

Finally, jalousie windows have multiple working parts, making mechanical problems far more commonplace. The tracks are vulnerable to rust, which can inhibit their ability to open and close.

We Install Various Window Types

Contact Exteriors Unlimited for new window installations. We have various styles, including casement, single-hung, double-hung, and more. Please check out our gallery to view homes renovated with new windows and siding. Jalousie windows are an option, but we believe better choices are available.

New Residential Window Installation

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Should You Install Window Walls?

window wall

Can you build a house without a door? Of course not; that would be silly. The same goes for the windows. Windows are so integral, in fact, that some homeowners are even renovating their home with window walls. Here’s some more information about this trend and its benefits.

What Are Window Walls?

Window walls are essentially giant windows that extend the entire, or nearly the entire, length of a wall. They also run from the floor to the ceiling. They are normal in some commercial facilities but just recently have become a trend in contemporary homes. The beneficial featrues of window walls are both functional and aesthetic.

Window Walls Allow More Natural Lighting

From a functional standpoint, window walls allow in additional natural light. This keeps the room lighted longer before it’s necessary to turn on the light fixture for the evening. The exposure to natural lighting also has several health benefits. It enhances mood and also accelerates the body’s production of vitamin D.

Window Walls Expand Room Size

Okay, window walls don’t actually increase the room’s physical size. However, they create the illusion of more space. This is also why decorators recommend the use of mirrors for the same optical effect. Heavy reliance on mirrors, though, is considered a 1980s design and outdated by today’s standards. Window walls are more in line with modern home trends.

Increase Home Value

Admittedly, not every homebuyer will be attracted to window walls. However, a good percentage will appreciate the energy-savings benefits. This is certainly a feature you can advertise.

We Install Energy-Efficient Window Walls

We can install window walls for your home or office. We also install siding. As you can see in our gallery, we install windows of all sizes. Contact Exteriors Unlimited and boost home energy savings with a window wall renovation.

Residential Window Replacement

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