Why Window Screens Are Just as Important as Windows in Ritzville

window screensDurable, high-quality windows are important. However, you should also give just as much attention to the mesh window screens. The screens have advantages that go beyond keeping out insects.

4 Window Screen Benefits

1. Curb Appeal

A ripped window screen makes the property appear worn and unkempt. Most real estate agents advise home sellers to replace any ripped screens. Installing new window screens is easily doable and enhances the exterior appeal. This complements nicely with siding replacement, which we also advise before listing your house for sale. Continue Reading →

Select a Home Siding Color Based on the Surroundings in Davenport

home siding colorChoosing a siding style, such as vinyl, steel, or stone, is the difficult part. Once you’ve made a selection, you can move on to the fun part: picking a home siding color. For the best visual effect, aim for a color that complements the exterior surroundings.

Complement the Roof Color

What’s your roof’s color? If it’s dark, then we suggest a lighter siding color for some contrast. You may also pick a tone-on-tone color scheme, where the chosen palette is a shade or two lighter than the roof’s color.

Apart from the roof, you can also take into consideration some of the smaller home sections, such as the shutters or window trim. We recommend going neutral for the siding and using an accent color for these smaller sections.

Examine the Landscape

Does vibrant vegetation line your lawn? If your landscape incorporates multiple bright colors, then we suggest going neutral for the siding. A bold siding color adjacent to a colorful yard can be overwhelming for the eyes and senses. Continue Reading →

Steel Siding: A Durable Yet Often Overlooked Siding in Airway Heights

Steel SidingSteel siding gets very little attention from homeowners. This is mainly due to residents not being aware of this option. Vinyl and wood siding, after all, are way more commonplace. Learn more about this siding variety and its advantages for your Airway Heights property.

Benefits of Steel Siding in Airway Heights

Steel siding’s main advantage is that it’s really durable. Metal is far less likely to dent. It’s also resistant to burrowing pests. While rust is always a possibility, you can keep any form of corrosion at bay with a coat of paint as a protective barrier. Some residents even prefer a small amount of rusting because it gives the home a rustic vibe.


For some people, the thought of steel appliances comes to mind when they think of steel siding. Therefore, they automatically assume an appearance that may be too industrial-like for a private residence. However, most steel-constructed siding can mimic the surface appearance of natural elements like wood or stone. Continue Reading →

Can Low-E Windows Damage Your Neighbor’s Home in Chattaroy?

Low-E Glass

Low-e windows have many benefits and are a terrific investment. However, there’s a rumor online regarding a possible deficiency. Some homeowners are concerned that these windows can cause direct damage to a neighbor’s property. Let’s examine this rumor and determine whether it holds water.

The Rumor Explained

The rumor is that low-e glass may damage a neighbor’s siding, leading to cupping and warping. This is commonplace in the summer as barometric fluctuations cause low-e windows to bow inwards and reflect UV rays. The window practically turns into a giant magnifying glass that directs sunrays in a laser-beam-like focus. If the neighbor’s house is directly across from the window, then it’s on the receiving end of the directed heat-ray. The temperature from magnified heat can surpass 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Vinyl siding starts to warp at around 165 degrees. Continue Reading →

Vinyl Vs Wood Siding: Which Is Preferable in Mead?

vinyl vs wood sidingVinyl vs wooden siding; as siding installers, we can provide both types. We supply other styles as well, such as masonry, cement, and cultured stone siding. However, vinyl and wood are the most typical. Which is a better fit for your house exterior?

Vinyl vs Wood Siding: The Pros and Cons

Let’s begin with vinyl. This is the most mainstream siding and the one homeowners most often request. The reason vinyl siding is so commonplace is simple: it’s affordable yet high-quality. Vinyl is also mainly maintenance-free and only needs a light washing every three to four months.

With vinyl, you also have a multitude of color palettes, ranging from the typical neutral shades to the more eye-catching bold hues.

What about wooden siding? Vinyl is quite attractive, but wood has no equal with its natural and organic appearance. It gives the house a cabin-like feel without an overly rustic vibe. This is especially the case when the renovations include new windows. Wood, however, does need staining every few years. It also requires preventive measures for stopping the growth of mold and mildew. Finally, wood tends to be more expensive than vinyl.

Continue Reading →

Enlarge a Room with Bay or Bow Windows in Colbert

bay or bow windowsMany homeowners are exploring new renovating solutions for making certain parts of the home appear larger. Since physically expanding the home isn’t doable for most people, the next best thing is giving the illusion of a bigger space. One affordable method is the installation of bay or bow windows.

What Are Bay and Bow Windows?

On the surface, bay and bow windows appear similar. Both extend outward from the exterior wall. This has the benefit of providing extra windowsill space that can be used for storage or adding decor. The two window types, though, differ in the following manner:

  • Bow windows have four or five windowpanes, whereas bays have just three
  • Bay windows are known for their sharp corners between panes, while bows are more circular in shape
  • With the sharper windowpane angles, bay windows are more compatible with modern-style houses. Bows, on the other hand, are more fitting for cottage or Victorian-style architecture. Both styles complement most siding types quite well.

Both varieties increase illusory depth and dimension and are really great for making smaller rooms appear bigger. The installation of new windows also makes the room appear brighter. Old windows may appear faded and clouded over; this can obstruct light penetration. This makes the interior darker during the day hours, causing the space to feel more confined.

Additional Ways to Create an Illusion of More Space

You can make other easy adjustments besides these window installations. Add furniture with hidden storage compartments. Also, stick to neutral colors and refrain from bold hues. Bold colors have a tendency to make small rooms appear more compact.

Deciding Between Bay or Bow Windows in Colbert?

View our gallery to check out the various window styles we’ve installed for homes all over Colbert. Exteriors Unlimited will install bay or bow windows to give your home greater functional and visual appeal.

Bay or Bow Windows in Colbert? We Provide Both

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Does Your Home Have a Bathroom Window in Deer Park?

bathroom windowA bathroom remodel should make function a factor just as much as visuals. It’s very much possible to achieve the best of both worlds. One way to do this is by incorporating a bathroom window.

Why Add a Window for a Bathroom?

Most residential bathrooms lack a window. Or, they have a petite one that barely lets light shine through. A typical size window boosts natural sun rays and makes the confined space feel airier and more spacious. This is especially so when the light bounces off the vanity mirror.

A window also means scaling back on electricity since you won’t need to switch the light on during the daytime.

In addition, a window is a huge opening, a major benefit since the bathroom is the room most susceptible to moisture. The opened window acts as ventilation; it’s an eco-friendly alternative to using the exhaust fan. Continue Reading →

Horizontal or Vertical Siding? Choosing a Style that Complements Your Clayton Home

horizontal or vertical sidingMost homes have horizontal siding. That’s the typical layout and one that’s often requested by homeowners. Some people, though, may aim for vertical siding just to have a more unconventional exterior design. Appearances aside, either horizontal or vertical siding are good choices, but each has its advantages and drawbacks. Let’s examine some of these benefits and pitfalls.

Horizontal Siding

Horizontal siding is the default choice for 90% of homeowners. There’s a major benefit by going for this conventional layout. Installation is usually cheaper, making it the go-to choice if you’re on a tight budget. It also takes less time to complete installation compared to vertical siding.

Horizontal siding, however, is more susceptible to moisture damage. Since rain falls vertically, it’s easier for the droplets to get into the gaps and cause mold formation. Owners must also be careful to ensure water and liquid cleaning sprays don’t make their way in between the slats when they’re wiping the surface. Continue Reading →

Window Boxes: 4 Design Ideas for Added Curb Appeal in Edwall

Window BoxesWe’re not specifically in the home décor niche. However, we’ve seen clients enhance their new windows and siding with a multitude of decorations for better aesthetics. One trend we’ve seen is the addition of window boxes. Homeowners typically include this after being awed by the inclusion of new windows and trim.

Popular Designs for Window Boxes

1. Add Long Plants

Use plants that extend way below the box, perhaps even dangling to the floor. This is where long plants like ivy are useful.

2. Select Contrasting Plant Colors

Select plants and flowers that contrast against the exterior’s backdrop. If the siding is a neutral color like gray, then use bright-colored flowers like geraniums, sunflowers, violets, or any flowers containing colors of the rainbow. Similarly, if you have a bold siding color like crimson red, then aim for a neutral hue for the flowers, such as orchids or white roses. Continue Reading →

4 Eco-Friendly Vinyl Siding Cleaners That Are Safe for Plants And Animals in Cheney

eco-friendly vinyl siding cleanerMany homes in Cheney have shrubs and other plants adjacent to the outer wall. Some homeowners worry using chemical-based sprays to clean the siding will hurt the plants. We completely get the concern, which is why we came up with a list of four eco-friendly vinyl siding cleaners. Some of these cleaners are brand-name products. We’re simply recommending what works and aren’t endorsing them in any way.

Top Eco-Friendly Vinyl Siding Cleaners

1. Vinegar

White vinegar is a common ingredient in homemade cleaning sprays for siding and windows. Some people are concerned that vinegar’s high acidity will erode the plants’ health. Vinegar’s acidic level is actually healthy since it naturally adjusts soil pH levels.

2. Simple Green

Simple Green is a multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser. The product utilizes a non-toxic and biodegradable formula that eliminates the most stubborn of stains. Continue Reading →