Learn When It’s Time to Call a Window Contractor for Spokane Homes

window contractor spokaneYour home’s windows do more than shield your interior from wind, rain and debris. They’re an essential architectural element that unifies the look of your home’s design and enhances its ability to keep your family comfortable. If you’ve been wondering whether it’s time to replace your windows, these expert tips from a window contractor may help.

Your Windows Are Drafty

When you can feel air through the closed window, it means the window seal has lost its integrity. Not only does it make your home less energy efficient and more expensive to heat, but it can also destabilize the window and make it more likely to fall out if pushed.

The Windows Are Old

Weatherstripping can become dried out, cracked and pulled away from the glass as it ages. Windows may also become cloudy, making it harder to see; this is more common with double-pane windows. Wooden window sills that are split or cracked may also affect the performance and reliability of your windows, making new windows an important safety upgrade.

It’s Hard to Open and Close Them

Window operation is supposed to be smooth, and windows are supposed to stay where you put them. If you’re struggling to open or close them because the window is sluggish, feels heavy or slides back into place on its own, they likely need to be replaced. 

Do You Need a Window Contractor for Spokane?

With roughly four decades of experience, the team at Exteriors Unlimited delivers outstanding services for homeowners who want to improve their property with new home siding and vinyl window replacement. Our sales and installation teams are dedicated to your satisfaction, from beginning to end. And as a dedicated siding and window contractor, we never subcontract our work. When you’re ready to increase your house’s curb appeal and your family’s comfort, contact us for your free estimate.

Your Reliable Window Contractor for Beautiful Spokane Homes

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Window Safety Practices for Endicott Homes with Young Children

window safety children, child window safetyDo you have young children in the home? For Endicott homeowners, it’s important to take steps to make the home safer for your little ones. This may include adding wall socket coverings or a gate for the base of the stairs. It’s equally important to take child window safety into consideration.

Why Window Safety Matters

An estimated eight children under five years of age die each year from falling out a window. This is according to a 2015 report from the non-profit organization Safe Kids Worldwide.

What makes these incidents really tragic is that they’re preventable. As a result, organizers formed a coalition known as the Window Safety Task Force to raise awareness and educate parents. Here are some safety tips outlined by the group. Continue Reading →

Vinyl Siding for a Historic Home Restoration in Medical Lake

historic home siding, vinyl sidingDo you own a home that was built circa 1900s? Older homes have a charm to them that contemporary residences simply don’t have. Nevertheless, due to father time, parts of the exterior eventually becomes worn and dilapidated. Fortunately, with historic home siding, you can update the exterior without taking away from its classical appearance. 

Why Vinyl Siding for a Century-Old Home?

Early-1900s residences in the Pacific Northwest mainly have yellow clapboards with blue or white scallop detailing. This is a signature appearance for homes of that era.

Vinyl siding comes in a plethora of styles that resemble this clapboard type but without the upkeep. Installers may be able to find a close match. In fact, there are more than 400 certified color options that are certified fade-resistant. 

Original clapboards from the turn of the century were made from wood. Contemporary siding can mimic the same appearance. If you were to examine the two in a side-by-side comparison, the untrained eye would not be able to distinguish them apart.

Vinyl siding also matches nicely with other exterior components, such as windows and masonry. Continue Reading →

The Appeal of Custom-Shaped Windows in Colbert

custom shaped windows, geometric windowsWindow replacement for your Colbert home is an investment that will pay dividends for many years. However, increased energy efficiency is only one of many benefits. Though more of a secondary factor, you should also take into account the visual effects it has for both the property’s interior and exterior. This is where custom-shaped windows come into play and provide other shape options besides the conventional rectangle.

Why Custom-Shaped Windows?

Take a walk around the block and browse the homes. 95% of them probably have rectangular windows. This is simply because this is the default shape. Unless you specifically request a custom shape, you will get a window with four sides and pointy corners.

Windows of other shapes can enhance the exterior appearance from the novelty alone. It’s not every day that you see windows that are rounded or have other geometric qualities.

If you do not wish to replace traditional windows, you can opt for custom-shaped windows installed to the side or above your conventional windows to let in more natural lighting. Continue Reading →

Stonework Home Siding Options in Mine Falls

stonework and sidingDoes your home’s exterior consist of masonry or stone? Here is a guide on how to enhance this home style with a complementary siding type. Stonework and siding can really go hand-in-hand for a Mine Falls residence if you elect for a fitting combination.

Select the Stone

If you’re adding stone, then it’s better to choose the stone type first before selecting a siding. Some good options include fieldstone and cobblestone, which go well for both old-style and contemporary homes. They also work well for some apartment complexes. Once you select a stone type, it’s easier to decide on a matching siding.

Choose the Siding

Once you have chosen specific stonework, then you can effectively choose a siding. A good way to decide on a siding type is by doing the squint test. From the outside of your home, squint at the stonework. Usually, the stone consists of multiple colors or shades. Squinting helps you identify the dominant color. Once you identify this predominant color, you can choose a siding with the same hue or at least a similar shade. Continue Reading →

Should You Install Awning Windows Near Davenport?

awning windowsHome windows don’t last forever. Eventually, the glass begins to fail. Use this opportunity to explore the options on the market for a replacement. One style is awning windows, which are becoming quite a trend around Davenport. Learn the pros and cons of this window variety.

What Are Davenport Awning Windows?

Awning windows operate similarly to casement windows. The latter opens and swings on side hinges. Awning windows, on the other hand, swing open from a top hinge. You can swing the windows mostly open or just a little bit. If you open it at around a 45-degree angle, it functions similarly to an awning by providing some shade, hence the name.


Homeowners often elect to install this window type near the ceiling for improved airflow and light penetration. The higher positioning also means you have more wall space available for furniture or wall decor. In addition, it prevents people outside from seeing inside your home. Continue Reading →

How Glass Failure Affects Your Windows Near St. John

glass failureSpring is the perfect season for cleaning the windows in your St. John residence. This is especially the time to clean the exterior side of the windows, which homeowners tend to neglect. We recommend using this occasion to determine whether your windows have extensive glass failure and warrant replacement. 

What Causes Glass Failure Near St. John?

You may notice the window appears clouded even after thoroughly cleaning both the interior and exterior sides. The foggy appearance remains no matter how much you wipe down the windows and what type of cleaner you use.

The issue lies not in the spray or towel. The problem is glass failure. This happens when there’s a break in the thermal seal that holds the glass panes together. When this occurs, air and moisture begin penetrating through. Apart from the clouded appearance, there may also be dry water spots that you can’t wipe away.

Windows constantly exposed to the sun are at a greater risk of glass failure. The sunrays leave the windows vulnerable to abrupt temperature changes. This causes the thermal seal to contract and expand until an opening forms. Older windows are at an even greater risk because the seal is made from caulk, which erodes as it gets older. Continue Reading →

Steel Siding: A Durable Yet Often Overlooked Siding in Spokane Valley

Steel SidingSteel siding is a terrific selection for residential siding in Spokane Valley homes. Even so, very few people inquire about them due to not being aware of this option. Styles like vinyl and wood siding are far more commonplace. Here’s a primer on steel siding and why it’s beneficial.


This siding is beneficial for one main reason: it’s durable. Steel is a type of alloy with high resistance against dings and dents. While it’s true that steel is prone to rust, you can easily prevent corrosion by applying a protective coating of paint with primer. Even if rusting does occur, some homeowners actually prefer the look because it gives off a rustic appearance.

Curb Appeal

Some homeowners don’t quite like the look of steel. They think it gives off an industrial vibe and has no place in a residential property. However, with modern technology, steel can take on the look of natural materials, such as wood or stone. Continue Reading →

How to Repair a Hole in Vinyl Siding

vinyl siding repairIs there a visible hole in your siding? Apart from being a visual eyesore, it also creates an opening for water and pests to get in. Vinyl siding hole repair may be doable if the hole is within a certain size. We provide an overview of how to do this.

Vinyl Siding Hole Repair Near Tekoa: A Step-By-Step Guide

Repair is fairly straightforward. All you need is a caulk that matches the siding color. If caulk of the same hue isn’t available, then use paintable caulk.

Here’s the process:
1.     Clean the hole perimeter using a dish detergent and soft cloth.
2.     Fill the hole with caulk using a caulking gun. Fill it up as much as you can.
Over-filling it by a small amount is okay.
3.     Use a scraping tool to remove the excess caulk.
4.     Let the caulk dry according to manufacturer recommendations.
Extra tip: we suggest buying a zip tool. This is available at most hardware stores. This useful tool allows you to easily fill caulk behind holes.

Continue Reading →

Is There Window Mold on Your Window Frames?

window moldIt’s not unusual to discover mold in high-humid areas like the kitchen and bathroom, or even on the siding. Window mold, though, is something most homeowners don’t expect. The presence of mold in this instance isn’t always obvious. Learn how to identify mold and the possible pathways for remediation.

Signs of Window Mold Near Mead

Mold usually doesn’t appear in the middle of the window glass. Instead, it manifests towards the bottom, where the glass and sash frame come together. Even if the mold is smack in the center, it’s easy to mistake it for a minor stain. The mold may even be hardly visible because the color blends with the hue of the glass.


Mold proliferates when there is ample water or moisture in the air. Windows accrue condensation when there is a nearby leak. This is especially true of older window types. If you have older windows, then we suggest replacing them with upgraded models that have a far superior ability to offset air penetration and water seepage.
Continue Reading →