Is There Window Mold on Your Window Frames?

window moldIt’s not unusual to discover mold in high-humid areas like the kitchen and bathroom, or even on the siding. Window mold, though, is something most homeowners don’t expect. The presence of mold in this instance isn’t always obvious. Learn how to identify mold and the possible pathways for remediation.

Signs of Window Mold Near Mead

Mold usually doesn’t appear in the middle of the window glass. Instead, it manifests towards the bottom, where the glass and sash frame come together. Even if the mold is smack in the center, it’s easy to mistake it for a minor stain. The mold may even be hardly visible because the color blends with the hue of the glass.


Mold proliferates when there is ample water or moisture in the air. Windows accrue condensation when there is a nearby leak. This is especially true of older window types. If you have older windows, then we suggest replacing them with upgraded models that have a far superior ability to offset air penetration and water seepage.
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Learn When It’s Time to Call a Window Contractor for Spokane Homes

window contractor spokaneYour home’s windows do more than shield your interior from wind, rain and debris. They’re an essential architectural element that unifies the look of your home’s design and enhances its ability to keep your family comfortable. If you’ve been wondering whether it’s time to replace your windows, these expert tips from a window contractor may help.

Your Windows Are Drafty

When you can feel air through the closed window, it means the window seal has lost its integrity. Not only does it make your home less energy efficient and more expensive to heat, but it can also destabilize the window and make it more likely to fall out if pushed.

The Windows Are Old

Weatherstripping can become dried out, cracked and pulled away from the glass as it ages. Windows may also become cloudy, making it harder to see; this is more common with double-pane windows. Wooden window sills that are split or cracked may also affect the performance and reliability of your windows, making new windows an important safety upgrade.

It’s Hard to Open and Close Them

Window operation is supposed to be smooth, and windows are supposed to stay where you put them. If you’re struggling to open or close them because the window is sluggish, feels heavy or slides back into place on its own, they likely need to be replaced. 

Do You Need a Window Contractor for Spokane?

With roughly four decades of experience, the team at Exteriors Unlimited delivers outstanding services for homeowners who want to improve their property with new home siding and vinyl window replacement. Our sales and installation teams are dedicated to your satisfaction, from beginning to end. And as a dedicated siding and window contractor, we never subcontract our work. When you’re ready to increase your house’s curb appeal and your family’s comfort, contact us for your free estimate.

Your Reliable Window Contractor for Beautiful Spokane Homes

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Are Boxelder Bugs Appearing on Your Siding?

boxelder bugs on sidingThe boxelder bug is a common critter found all over the Pacific Northwest. In fact, it’s not uncommon for these bugs to gather in large numbers around a home siding. Are boxelder bugs on siding a cause for alarm?

What Are Boxelders bugs?

This species of bug takes its name after the boxelder tree, where they commonly feed off its seed pods. The creature is about half an inch in length and is distinguished by its black wings and signature red stripes.
If you have a boxelder tree on your property or nearby, then there’s a high likelihood of boxelder bugs taking residence within the tree. However, some also take up refuge within the nooks and crannies of home siding. The bugs are largely dormant in winter and emerge during spring.

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Boost Curb Appeal with Lap Siding

lap sidingSiding comes in a variety of styles, among of which includes lap siding. This type is highly sought after among homeowners in Spokane. There are multiple versions of this siding variety, which we’ll go over and explain their respective benefits.

Horizontal Dutch Lap Siding

This is a typical variant that also goes by the name clapboard siding. The planks are a bit thicker at the bottom than they are at the top. They overlap from the top downward. A lot of homeowners really like the appearance, though the overlap is actually intended for producing a watertight seal and minimizing water seepage.

Horizontal lap siding is especially popular in cottage-style and beach-front properties.

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Bay or Garden Windows: What’s The Difference?

Bay or Garden WindowsThere are multiple window styles used in residential upgrades. More homeowners are contemplating whether to install bay or garden windows for their Rockford home. Learn how these two styles differ and their allure in contemporary and traditional homesteads.

The Two Windows at a Glance

Bay and garden windows are strikingly similar in appearance, and the terms are typically used interchangeably. From a structural standpoint, though, the two differ quite a bit. Both protrude outward, creating an alcove that acts as seating or room for decor. The main difference lies in the angle.

Bay Window

Bay windows comprise of a fixed central window with secondary windows on the side. The side windows are often casement or double-hung windows. Contractors install these windows outward at a 90-degree and square-shaped angle.
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Windows and Siding Replacement Yields High ROI

windows and siding ROIWith respect to home renovations, homeowners usually give priority to factors like comfort and curb appeal. Remember, though, that there’s also a financial element to factor in as well. The truth is that windows and siding ROI are quite high. This makes the return of investment financially advantageous.

The Report

According to the 2015 Cost Vs Value Report, windows and siding have among the highest ROI in the Pacific Northwestern region when it comes to residential renovations. Vinyl window replacement has a 90.5% ROI. Wood windows, while pricier, have a higher ROI at 95.4%. This is higher compared to the national average ROI of 73% and 79% respectively.
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Select a Home Siding Color Based on the Surroundings

home siding color

Choosing a siding style, such as vinyl, steel, or stone, is the difficult part. Once you’ve made a selection, you can move on to the fun part: picking a home siding color. For the best visual effect, aim for a color that complements the exterior surroundings.

Complement the Roof Color

What’s your roof’s color? If it’s dark, then we suggest a lighter siding color for some contrast. You may also pick a tone-on-tone color scheme, where the chosen palette is a shade or two lighter than the roof’s color.
Apart from the roof, you can also take into consideration some of the smaller home sections, such as the shutters or window trim. We recommend going neutral for the siding and using an accent color for these smaller sections.

Look at the Landscape

Does vibrant vegetation line your lawn? If your landscape incorporates multiple bright colors, then we suggest going neutral for the siding. A bold siding color adjacent to a colorful yard can be overwhelming for the eyes and senses.
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Can Low-E Windows Damage Your Neighbor’s Home in Chattaroy?

Low-E Glass

Low-e windows have many benefits and are a terrific investment. However, there’s a rumor online regarding a possible deficiency. Some homeowners are concerned that these windows can cause direct damage to a neighbor’s property. Let’s examine this rumor and determine whether it holds water.

The Rumor Explained

The rumor is that low-e glass may damage a neighbor’s siding, leading to cupping and warping. This is commonplace in the summer as barometric fluctuations cause low-e windows to bow inwards and reflect UV rays. The window practically turns into a giant magnifying glass that directs sunrays in a laser-beam-like focus. If the neighbor’s house is directly across from the window, then it’s on the receiving end of the directed heat-ray. The temperature from magnified heat can surpass 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Vinyl siding starts to warp at around 165 degrees. Continue Reading →

Vinyl Vs Wood Siding: Which Is Preferable in Mead?

vinyl vs wood sidingVinyl vs wooden siding; as siding installers, we can provide both types. We supply other styles as well, such as masonry, cement, and cultured stone siding. However, vinyl and wood are the most typical. Which is a better fit for your house exterior?

Vinyl vs Wood Siding: The Pros and Cons

Let’s begin with vinyl. This is the most mainstream siding and the one homeowners most often request. The reason vinyl siding is so commonplace is simple: it’s affordable yet high-quality. Vinyl is also mainly maintenance-free and only needs a light washing every three to four months.

With vinyl, you also have a multitude of color palettes, ranging from the typical neutral shades to the more eye-catching bold hues.

What about wooden siding? Vinyl is quite attractive, but wood has no equal with its natural and organic appearance. It gives the house a cabin-like feel without an overly rustic vibe. This is especially the case when the renovations include new windows. Wood, however, does need staining every few years. It also requires preventive measures for stopping the growth of mold and mildew. Finally, wood tends to be more expensive than vinyl.

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Enlarge a Room with Bay or Bow Windows in Colbert

bay or bow windowsMany homeowners are exploring new renovating solutions for making certain parts of the home appear larger. Since physically expanding the home isn’t doable for most people, the next best thing is giving the illusion of a bigger space. One affordable method is the installation of bay or bow windows.

What Are Bay and Bow Windows?

On the surface, bay and bow windows appear similar. Both extend outward from the exterior wall. This has the benefit of providing extra windowsill space that can be used for storage or adding decor. The two window types, though, differ in the following manner:

  • Bow windows have four or five windowpanes, whereas bays have just three
  • Bay windows are known for their sharp corners between panes, while bows are more circular in shape
  • With the sharper windowpane angles, bay windows are more compatible with modern-style houses. Bows, on the other hand, are more fitting for cottage or Victorian-style architecture. Both styles complement most siding types quite well.

Both varieties increase illusory depth and dimension and are really great for making smaller rooms appear bigger. The installation of new windows also makes the room appear brighter. Old windows may appear faded and clouded over; this can obstruct light penetration. This makes the interior darker during the day hours, causing the space to feel more confined.

Additional Ways to Create an Illusion of More Space

You can make other easy adjustments besides these window installations. Add furniture with hidden storage compartments. Also, stick to neutral colors and refrain from bold hues. Bold colors have a tendency to make small rooms appear more compact.

Deciding Between Bay or Bow Windows in Colbert?

View our gallery to check out the various window styles we’ve installed for homes all over Colbert. Exteriors Unlimited will install bay or bow windows to give your home greater functional and visual appeal.

Bay or Bow Windows in Colbert? We Provide Both

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