Vinyl Siding for a Historic Home Restoration in Medical Lake

historic home siding, vinyl sidingDo you own a home that was built circa 1900s? Older homes have a charm to them that contemporary residences simply don’t have. Nevertheless, due to father time, parts of the exterior eventually becomes worn and dilapidated. Fortunately, with historic home siding, you can update the exterior without taking away from its classical appearance. 

Why Vinyl Siding for a Century-Old Home?

Early-1900s residences in the Pacific Northwest mainly have yellow clapboards with blue or white scallop detailing. This is a signature appearance for homes of that era.

Vinyl siding comes in a plethora of styles that resemble this clapboard type but without the upkeep. Installers may be able to find a close match. In fact, there are more than 400 certified color options that are certified fade-resistant. 

Original clapboards from the turn of the century were made from wood. Contemporary siding can mimic the same appearance. If you were to examine the two in a side-by-side comparison, the untrained eye would not be able to distinguish them apart.

Vinyl siding also matches nicely with other exterior components, such as windows and masonry.

The Functional Appeal

While wood may score high in visual appeal, it requires significant maintenance. Wood is porous and susceptible to cracks, peeling, and intrusion from boring pests. Keeping these damaging elements at bay requires regular sealing and treating. Vinyl, on the other hand, only requires occasional cleaning, which you can do with a hose, bucket, and dish soap.

We Supply Historic Home Siding in Medical Lake

Historic houses aren’t just living units; they’re also a part of a town’s history. If you own an older property, contact Exteriors Unlimited to find out how we can preserve your property while keeping maintenance to an absolute minimum. Browse our gallery to see some of our historic home siding types.

Historic Home Siding in Medical Lake

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