Stonework Home Siding Options in Mine Falls

stonework and sidingDoes your home’s exterior consist of masonry or stone? Here is a guide on how to enhance this home style with a complementary siding type. Stonework and siding can really go hand-in-hand for a Mine Falls residence if you elect for a fitting combination.

Select the Stone

If you’re adding stone, then it’s better to choose the stone type first before selecting a siding. Some good options include fieldstone and cobblestone, which go well for both old-style and contemporary homes. They also work well for some apartment complexes. Once you select a stone type, it’s easier to decide on a matching siding.

Choose the Siding

Once you have chosen specific stonework, then you can effectively choose a siding. A good way to decide on a siding type is by doing the squint test. From the outside of your home, squint at the stonework. Usually, the stone consists of multiple colors or shades. Squinting helps you identify the dominant color. Once you identify this predominant color, you can choose a siding with the same hue or at least a similar shade.

With the right stone and siding combination, the stone and siding will meld together seamlessly, creating a very attractive appearance.

Consider New Windows

If investing in stonework and siding, then we recommend installing new windows as well. Certain window frames go well with siding and/or stones. This will add a finishing touch to your home exterior.

We Make Stonework and Siding Go Hand-in-hand in Mine Falls

While we don’t provide the stonework, we provide an assortment of siding that matches the stone. Contact Exteriors Unlimited for a consultation. Our contractors will assess your home and make a recommendation on a good stonework and siding combination. Browse our gallery for additional inspiration. 

Stonework and Siding Installation in Mine Falls

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