How Glass Failure Affects Your Windows Near St. John

glass failureSpring is the perfect season for cleaning the windows in your St. John residence. This is especially the time to clean the exterior side of the windows, which homeowners tend to neglect. We recommend using this occasion to determine whether your windows have extensive glass failure and warrant replacement. 

What Causes Glass Failure Near St. John?

You may notice the window appears clouded even after thoroughly cleaning both the interior and exterior sides. The foggy appearance remains no matter how much you wipe down the windows and what type of cleaner you use.

The issue lies not in the spray or towel. The problem is glass failure. This happens when there’s a break in the thermal seal that holds the glass panes together. When this occurs, air and moisture begin penetrating through. Apart from the clouded appearance, there may also be dry water spots that you can’t wipe away.

Windows constantly exposed to the sun are at a greater risk of glass failure. The sunrays leave the windows vulnerable to abrupt temperature changes. This causes the thermal seal to contract and expand until an opening forms. Older windows are at an even greater risk because the seal is made from caulk, which erodes as it gets older.

The Solution

We suggest changing out windows once it begins showing signs of glass failure. Modern windows include a spacer that protects the thermal seals from elemental damage. You may also spot mold on the windows. This is another sign to upgrade the windows. In addition, windows with failing glass no longer provide optimal energy sufficiency, leading to an uptick in your energy bill.

We Replace Glass-Failed Windows

Spring is the perfect time of year for a window and siding upgrade. View our gallery to see how homes in St. John benefit from an exterior renovation that includes new window replacements. Contact Exteriors Unlimited for a consultation. Don’t let glass failure affect your home efficiency and aesthetics.

We Replace Windows with Glass Failure Near St. John

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