Steel Siding: A Durable Yet Often Overlooked Siding in Spokane Valley

Steel SidingSteel siding is a terrific selection for residential siding in Spokane Valley homes. Even so, very few people inquire about them due to not being aware of this option. Styles like vinyl and wood siding are far more commonplace. Here’s a primer on steel siding and why it’s beneficial.


This siding is beneficial for one main reason: it’s durable. Steel is a type of alloy with high resistance against dings and dents. While it’s true that steel is prone to rust, you can easily prevent corrosion by applying a protective coating of paint with primer. Even if rusting does occur, some homeowners actually prefer the look because it gives off a rustic appearance.

Curb Appeal

Some homeowners don’t quite like the look of steel. They think it gives off an industrial vibe and has no place in a residential property. However, with modern technology, steel can take on the look of natural materials, such as wood or stone.

Have a look at some of our siding installations at our gallery. Do any of them look like steel or metal? No, because some are made to imitate natural material.

Not to Be Confused with Aluminum Siding

Not all metal siding is created equal. People tend to equate steel and aluminum siding as being one and the same. After all, both are metal. Aluminum is actually a softer form of alloy, making it more prone to dents. If you opt for aluminum siding, you can aim for thicker 53-gauge aluminum for greater durability against dings.

We Install Steel Siding in Spokane Valley

We’re not favoring steel siding over other types. We’re merely giving attention to a siding style that homeowners overlook too often. The siding installation is also a great companion upgrade to window replacement as part of residential remodeling. Contact Exteriors Unlimited to make an appointment for a consultation.

Residential Steel Siding Installation in Spokane Valley

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