How to Repair a Hole in Vinyl Siding

vinyl siding repairIs there a visible hole in your siding? Apart from being a visual eyesore, it also creates an opening for water and pests to get in. Vinyl siding hole repair may be doable if the hole is within a certain size. We provide an overview of how to do this.

Vinyl Siding Hole Repair Near Tekoa: A Step-By-Step Guide

Repair is fairly straightforward. All you need is a caulk that matches the siding color. If caulk of the same hue isn’t available, then use paintable caulk.

Here’s the process:
1.     Clean the hole perimeter using a dish detergent and soft cloth.
2.     Fill the hole with caulk using a caulking gun. Fill it up as much as you can.
Over-filling it by a small amount is okay.
3.     Use a scraping tool to remove the excess caulk.
4.     Let the caulk dry according to manufacturer recommendations.
Extra tip: we suggest buying a zip tool. This is available at most hardware stores. This useful tool allows you to easily fill caulk behind holes.

Professional Repair

If moisture and pest issues are present, or if the hole size is quite significant, then you should bring in a professional. A hole as small as the size of a dime is enough to create tremendous water and pest damage.

We Replace Siding

If the hole has led to major damage, then it may be better to replace the entire siding. In fact, we can provide siding and window replacement as part of an exterior home renovation. Contact Exteriors Unlimited to get started. Let us determine whether vinyl siding hole repair is feasible or if replacement is the better option.

Siding Hole Repairs for Spokane Residences

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