Is There Window Mold on Your Window Frames?

window moldIt’s not unusual to discover mold in high-humid areas like the kitchen and bathroom, or even on the siding. Window mold, though, is something most homeowners don’t expect. The presence of mold in this instance isn’t always obvious. Learn how to identify mold and the possible pathways for remediation.

Signs of Window Mold Near Mead

Mold usually doesn’t appear in the middle of the window glass. Instead, it manifests towards the bottom, where the glass and sash frame come together. Even if the mold is smack in the center, it’s easy to mistake it for a minor stain. The mold may even be hardly visible because the color blends with the hue of the glass.


Mold proliferates when there is ample water or moisture in the air. Windows accrue condensation when there is a nearby leak. This is especially true of older window types. If you have older windows, then we suggest replacing them with upgraded models that have a far superior ability to offset air penetration and water seepage.

Furthermore, try minimizing humidity by adjusting the thermostat and keeping it just above 70-degrees.

Removing Mold on Glass

Follow this DIY process for mold elimination:
1. Cover the floors beneath the window to intercept falling mold
2. Keep the door and other windows open to enhance air circulation
3. Spray the window with a solution of bleach and water
4. Wipe the surface using a non-abrasive brush
5. Allow the window to fully dry

We Install Upgraded Windows

Even if you manage to get mold out, the window may be in poor condition and in a state that enables more mold to grow. Contact Exteriors Unlimited to install new windows. Have a look at our gallery to see how new windows complement various home styles all over Mead. Don’t continue to let window mold proliferate.

Residential Window Replacement

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