Learn When It’s Time to Call a Window Contractor for Spokane Homes

window contractor spokaneYour home’s windows do more than shield your interior from wind, rain and debris. They’re an essential architectural element that unifies the look of your home’s design and enhances its ability to keep your family comfortable. If you’ve been wondering whether it’s time to replace your windows, these expert tips from a window contractor may help.

Your Windows Are Drafty

When you can feel air through the closed window, it means the window seal has lost its integrity. Not only does it make your home less energy efficient and more expensive to heat, but it can also destabilize the window and make it more likely to fall out if pushed.

The Windows Are Old

Weatherstripping can become dried out, cracked and pulled away from the glass as it ages. Windows may also become cloudy, making it harder to see; this is more common with double-pane windows. Wooden window sills that are split or cracked may also affect the performance and reliability of your windows, making new windows an important safety upgrade.

It’s Hard to Open and Close Them

Window operation is supposed to be smooth, and windows are supposed to stay where you put them. If you’re struggling to open or close them because the window is sluggish, feels heavy or slides back into place on its own, they likely need to be replaced. 

Do You Need a Window Contractor for Spokane?

With roughly four decades of experience, the team at Exteriors Unlimited delivers outstanding services for homeowners who want to improve their property with new home siding and vinyl window replacement. Our sales and installation teams are dedicated to your satisfaction, from beginning to end. And as a dedicated siding and window contractor, we never subcontract our work. When you’re ready to increase your house’s curb appeal and your family’s comfort, contact us for your free estimate.

Your Reliable Window Contractor for Beautiful Spokane Homes

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