Are Boxelder Bugs Appearing on Your Siding?

boxelder bugs on sidingThe boxelder bug is a common critter found all over the Pacific Northwest. In fact, it’s not uncommon for these bugs to gather in large numbers around a home siding. Are boxelder bugs on siding a cause for alarm?

What Are Boxelders bugs?

This species of bug takes its name after the boxelder tree, where they commonly feed off its seed pods. The creature is about half an inch in length and is distinguished by its black wings and signature red stripes.
If you have a boxelder tree on your property or nearby, then there’s a high likelihood of boxelder bugs taking residence within the tree. However, some also take up refuge within the nooks and crannies of home siding. The bugs are largely dormant in winter and emerge during spring.

Are Boxelder Bugs Dangerous?

Boxelder bugs don’t bite and don’t spread any dangerous diseases. While they’re quite harmless, they can be an annoyance and a burden. If they settle on your siding, they can leave behind excrement and cause unsightly spots and stains. This can occur on the siding surface as well as on the exterior windows.

Boxelder Bug Removal

You can remove boxelder bugs by removing the boxelder tree on your lawn. If this is out of the question, then you can keep them out by sealing any cracks and openings in the siding.

We Handle Boxelder Bugs on Siding Near Oakdale

We can’t remove boxelder bugs directly since we’re not a pest control company. However, we can replace old siding that may have openings that boxelder bugs are exploiting. Contact Exteriors Unlimited to replace cracked and dilapidated siding that leaves your home vulnerable to pest intrusion.

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