Windows and Siding Replacement Yields High ROI

windows and siding ROIWith respect to home renovations, homeowners usually give priority to factors like comfort and curb appeal. Remember, though, that there’s also a financial element to factor in as well. The truth is that windows and siding ROI are quite high. This makes the return of investment financially advantageous.

The Report

According to the 2015 Cost Vs Value Report, windows and siding have among the highest ROI in the Pacific Northwestern region when it comes to residential renovations. Vinyl window replacement has a 90.5% ROI. Wood windows, while pricier, have a higher ROI at 95.4%. This is higher compared to the national average ROI of 73% and 79% respectively.

Siding replacement also has an above-average ROI of 89% for vinyl siding, compared to 80.7% for the national average.

The report takes a deep look at different renovation works, their average costs, and how the costs compare with the value those renovations retain during resale. The reported numbers pertain to projects for middle-income neighborhoods and houses and not high-end remodeling in luxury homes.

Save Money

As the ROI is under 100%, some people believe they’re actually losing money. The figures, however, don’t take into account the money-saving benefits. Newer windows, specifically, have far better insulation properties, thus reducing energy costs. This is definitely a money-saver if you plan on living on your property indefinitely or for several more decades before selling.

Windows and Siding ROI Savings for Homes in Rosalia

Contact Exteriors Unlimited today or view our gallery of recent projects. With windows and siding ROI being a significant factor, you’ll improve your residence with renovations that will save you money in the long haul.

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Windows & Siding Replacement for Spokane Valley Homes

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