Why Window Screens Are Just as Important as Windows

window screens Durable, high-quality windows are important. However, you should also give just as much attention to the mesh window screens. The screens have advantages that go beyond keeping out insects.

4 Reasons Window Screens Are Important

1. Curb Appeal

A ripped window screen makes the property appear worn and unkempt. Most real estate agents advise home sellers to replace any ripped screens. Installing new window screens is easily doable and enhances the exterior appeal. This complements nicely with siding replacement, which we also advise before listing your house for sale.

2. Dirt Protection

Screens act as a filter that prevents dirt and airborne debris from entering indoors. You can easily remove grime accumulation on the screen with a quick hose rinse.

3. Insulation

Unbeknownst to most homeowners, mesh screens actually minimize heat transfer by curtailing solar heat gain. The screen is the first line of defense that stops sunlight from penetrating the windows. With this in mind, consider removing the screen when autumn arrives to increase solar heat gain and naturally warm the home as the outside temperature gets cooler.4. Water Protection

Screens repel a sizable portion of rainwater. Water pooling the window perimeter can induce mold and mildew growth. Mold can even grow directly on the glass surface and the mesh screen. This is easily fixable, though, with bleach and a soft brush.

We Install Window Screens in Ritzville

Do your windows lack mesh screens or are your existing screens ripped? Contact Exteriors Unlimited for new window screens. It’s a minor but significant upgrade to your home. Our gallery shows the finished results of homes with new windows, screens, and siding. Get started with your home renovations today.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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