Steel Siding: A Durable Yet Often Overlooked Siding in Airway Heights

Steel SidingSteel siding gets very little attention from homeowners. This is mainly due to residents not being aware of this option. Vinyl and wood siding, after all, are way more commonplace. Learn more about this siding variety and its advantages for your Airway Heights property.

Benefits of Steel Siding in Airway Heights

Steel siding’s main advantage is that it’s really durable. Metal is far less likely to dent. It’s also resistant to burrowing pests. While rust is always a possibility, you can keep any form of corrosion at bay with a coat of paint as a protective barrier. Some residents even prefer a small amount of rusting because it gives the home a rustic vibe.


For some people, the thought of steel appliances comes to mind when they think of steel siding. Therefore, they automatically assume an appearance that may be too industrial-like for a private residence. However, most steel-constructed siding can mimic the surface appearance of natural elements like wood or stone.

You can browse some of our siding installations at our gallery. Can you determine which siding is made from steel? We reckon not since most have a wood or vinyl-like texture.

Not to Be Confused with Aluminum Siding

Not all metal siding is identical. Homeowners may believe steel and aluminum siding are interchangeable since they’re both metals. Aluminum, though, is a softer type of metal, making it more prone to scratches and dings. However, this is solvable by selecting 53-gauge aluminum over the more conventional and lower quality 44-gauge.

We Provide All Types of Metal Siding

We’re not favoring steel siding over all others. We’re merely bringing awareness to a siding style that residents often overlook. The siding type also complements nicely with window replacement as part of a comprehensive remodeling. Call Exteriors Unlimited to book a consultation today.

Residential Steel Siding Installation in Airway Heights

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