Enlarge a Room with Bay or Bow Windows in Colbert

bay or bow windowsMany homeowners are exploring new renovating solutions for making certain parts of the home appear larger. Since physically expanding the home isn’t doable for most people, the next best thing is giving the illusion of a bigger space. One affordable method is the installation of bay or bow windows.

What Are Bay and Bow Windows?

On the surface, bay and bow windows appear similar. Both extend outward from the exterior wall. This has the benefit of providing extra windowsill space that can be used for storage or adding decor. The two window types, though, differ in the following manner:

  • Bow windows have four or five windowpanes, whereas bays have just three
  • Bay windows are known for their sharp corners between panes, while bows are more circular in shape
  • With the sharper windowpane angles, bay windows are more compatible with modern-style houses. Bows, on the other hand, are more fitting for cottage or Victorian-style architecture. Both styles complement most siding types quite well.

Both varieties increase illusory depth and dimension and are really great for making smaller rooms appear bigger. The installation of new windows also makes the room appear brighter. Old windows may appear faded and clouded over; this can obstruct light penetration. This makes the interior darker during the day hours, causing the space to feel more confined.

Additional Ways to Create an Illusion of More Space

You can make other easy adjustments besides these window installations. Add furniture with hidden storage compartments. Also, stick to neutral colors and refrain from bold hues. Bold colors have a tendency to make small rooms appear more compact.

Deciding Between Bay or Bow Windows in Colbert?

View our gallery to check out the various window styles we’ve installed for homes all over Colbert. Exteriors Unlimited will install bay or bow windows to give your home greater functional and visual appeal.

Bay or Bow Windows in Colbert? We Provide Both

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