Horizontal or Vertical Siding? Choosing a Style that Complements Your Clayton Home

horizontal or vertical sidingMost homes have horizontal siding. That’s the typical layout and one that’s often requested by homeowners. Some people, though, may aim for vertical siding just to have a more unconventional exterior design. Appearances aside, either horizontal or vertical siding are good choices, but each has its advantages and drawbacks. Let’s examine some of these benefits and pitfalls.

Horizontal Siding

Horizontal siding is the default choice for 90% of homeowners. There’s a major benefit by going for this conventional layout. Installation is usually cheaper, making it the go-to choice if you’re on a tight budget. It also takes less time to complete installation compared to vertical siding.

Horizontal siding, however, is more susceptible to moisture damage. Since rain falls vertically, it’s easier for the droplets to get into the gaps and cause mold formation. Owners must also be careful to ensure water and liquid cleaning sprays don’t make their way in between the slats when they’re wiping the surface.

Vertical Siding

Vertical Siding has a higher resistance to mold since it’s easier for water to slide off the slats instead of entering the gaps. Some homeowners also like the appearance of vertical slats, feeling they complement very well with the exterior’s windows and shutters.

The downside with vertical siding lies mainly in the installation, which is more labor-intensive and time-consuming. This is because the panels need furring strips on the tips of each siding piece. The furring strips safeguard the exterior against leaks and keep the siding leveled. The extra materials and additional labor account for the higher costs.

We Install Either Horizontal or Vertical Siding for Your Clayton Home

Ready to remodel your home? Contact Exteriors Unlimited to renovate the siding for improved aesthetics. You can browse our gallery, which includes both horizontal and vertical siding. Some even include a blend of the two based on homeowner request.

Horizontal or Vertical Siding for Your Property in Clayton

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