Siding Sound Transmission: Reducing Noise for a Quieter Home

exteriors-unlimited-6Spokane Valley homeowners are all too familiar with urban traffic noise. The constant sound of cars, planes, and pedestrians can really be distracting for residents that just want peace and quiet. To minimize noise, you may want to take the siding sound transmission into consideration. 

Siding Sound Transmission Level Varies

The noise insulation level differs depending on the siding type. Vinyl, for example, outperforms most others for noise frequencies below 4,000 Hz. Stone and other organic material, by contrast, perform better for frequencies above 4,000 Hz.

Heavier and thicker siding is also better for masking sound. Ask a contractor about siding thickness if curtailing noise level is a top priority. Also, composite siding – those made from two or more materials – tend to work better as a noise barrier.

Other Ways to Soundproof Your Home

You should also go beyond the siding. Put it this way: the more mass between the home interior and exterior the better. You should also consider thicker windows, such as triple-pane glass rather than the more commonplace double-pane.

Think about adding more foliage to the exterior as well. Trees make excellent noise blockers and can reduce sound transmission by up to 40%. Conifers are a good choice because they produce dense foliage year-round.

Finally, for a super-effective noise barrier, renovate the walls with masonry like brick or stone. You can still install siding over the masonry as long as the walls have a consistent flat surface.

We Keep Out Unwanted Noise

Call Exteriors Unlimited for a home makeover. Our special offers make all remodeling work affordable. We know all about siding sound transmission and can install the right type to provide the best protection against intruding noise.

Siding Installation for a Quieter Home Interior

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