How to Protect Wooden Window Frames

wooden window frames, window framesWooden window frames have tremendous aesthetic appeal. However, wood requires special maintenance or else you can expect it to rot and/or warp. How can you care for this window component so it will retain its structural integrity?

Wooden Window Frame’s Vulnerability

Wood is susceptible to rot from moisture buildup. It can also begin accumulating mold. The wood can also split, creating openings that allow heat to escape. In addition, the trapped moisture can erode the window’s silicone sealing.

Water accumulation is especially a problem if you have single glaze windows. This variety becomes quite cold when exposed to water vapor. This causes water droplets to form on the glass and eventually drip down and rest on the wood. A window upgrade to double glazed glass is recommended. Exteriors Unlimited installs modern windows with improved insulation.

Wooden Window Frame Protection

You will need to periodically seal the wood to prevent moisture penetration. First, examine the frame for visible cracks or openings. If you spot mold, you will need to remove it by sanding the surface with fine-grit sandpaper. Fill any gaps and openings with wood filler.

In the last step, seal the wood by applying an outdoor wood stain. Alternatively, you can use an oil-based enamel paint. Whichever you choose, apply two coats, waiting two to four hours between coatings.

What if mold growth is extensive, or if the wood appears soft to the touch? These may be signs of severe rotting and warping. DIY repair may be futile; a full replacement will be required.

We Install New Windows

Some windows are no longer efficient and should be switched out. Our special offers include a $200 rebate for the purchase of a set of seven windows. See our gallery for some of our completed projects. Wooden window frames may require replacement if they are badly rotted.

Low-E Glass Installation

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