Does Condensation Produce Sweaty Windows in Your Home?

sweaty windows, window condensationThe mercury in the thermometer drops as we proceed through the fall. The chilly weather may also bring a condition some people refer as sweaty windows. Are your windows becoming “sweaty” from condensation with the arrival of colder temperatures?

What Are Sweaty Windows?

Sweaty windows occur when condensation builds up on the window surface. While a nuisance, this is not an indicator that something is wrong with your windows. The process is natural and happens when temperatures are low and humidity is high.

Why Condensation Builds Up on Windows

Why does condensation build up on glass but not on other surfaces? Why don’t you see condensation on your tile floors, upholstery, or outdoor siding? Glass has a cooler surface than other materials. When temperatures dip, the warmer interior air makes contact with the cooler glass surface. This causes the warm air to cool, and the vapors in the air turn to liquid and cling to the glass.

How to Reduce Sweaty Windows

Single-pane glass is more prone to this kind of condensation buildup. Research shows that double-pane windows with low-e glass are less likely to accumulate condensation. They don’t prevent it completely but substantially reduce it.

Double-pane glass surface has 37% relative indoor humidity, versus just about 12% for single-pane glass. Enabling higher relative humidity means the air is able to hold onto the moisture rather than releasing it onto the glass.

Other Ways to Reduce Indoor Condensation

Consider investing in a portable dehumidifier. Other sensible solutions include:

  • Closing the door when using the bathroom
  • Using lids to seal pots and pans that are in use
  • Switching on the extractor fan when showering

We Install High-Quality Windows

Fall is an ideal time for major home renovations. Call Exteriors Unlimited for a window upgrade. Our testimonials are a witness to our many satisfied customers. Sweaty windows don’t have to be a problem this fall and winter as you experience more chilly temperatures.

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