Replace Your Old Jalousie Windows

jalousie window

Does your home contain jalousie windows? Perhaps you’re considering renovating your home with this window type because you think it’s hip and trendy. From our professional perspective, we believe jalousie windows are viable solutions, though there are better options. Here’s why.

What Are Jalousie Windows?

The best way to describe jalousie windows is to compare them to window blinds. Picture those blinds made from glass and serving as the actual window. They were popular prior to the 1970s but gradually fell out of favor with the advent of residential air conditioning.

The appeal is that homeowners can open the windows to the desired degree using a simple knob or crank. This was an efficient way to control the level of breeze. Despite having fallen out of style decades ago, some homeowners, especially those into retro home designs, find them fashionable.

The Disadvantage of Jalousie Windows

The biggest drawback of jalousie windows is the lack of security. The horizontal glass panels are a lot easier for a burglar to smash than a traditional glass pane.

In addition, this window type also lacks energy efficiency if you regularly run your AC. Even in the fully closed position, there are still gaps between panels that allow air to escape. This is especially a big drawback in the winter. Heat escapes through these gaps and creates unnecessary draft.

Finally, jalousie windows have multiple working parts, making mechanical problems far more commonplace. The tracks are vulnerable to rust, which can inhibit their ability to open and close.

We Install Various Window Types

Contact Exteriors Unlimited for new window installations. We have various styles, including casement, single-hung, double-hung, and more. Please check out our gallery to view homes renovated with new windows and siding. Jalousie windows are an option, but we believe better choices are available.

New Residential Window Installation

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