Should You Install Window Walls?

window wall

Can you build a house without a door? Of course not; that would be silly. The same goes for the windows. Windows are so integral, in fact, that some homeowners are even renovating their home with window walls. Here’s some more information about this trend and its benefits.

What Are Window Walls?

Window walls are essentially giant windows that extend the entire, or nearly the entire, length of a wall. They also run from the floor to the ceiling. They are normal in some commercial facilities but just recently have become a trend in contemporary homes. The beneficial featrues of window walls are both functional and aesthetic.

Window Walls Allow More Natural Lighting

From a functional standpoint, window walls allow in additional natural light. This keeps the room lighted longer before it’s necessary to turn on the light fixture for the evening. The exposure to natural lighting also has several health benefits. It enhances mood and also accelerates the body’s production of vitamin D.

Window Walls Expand Room Size

Okay, window walls don’t actually increase the room’s physical size. However, they create the illusion of more space. This is also why decorators recommend the use of mirrors for the same optical effect. Heavy reliance on mirrors, though, is considered a 1980s design and outdated by today’s standards. Window walls are more in line with modern home trends.

Increase Home Value

Admittedly, not every homebuyer will be attracted to window walls. However, a good percentage will appreciate the energy-savings benefits. This is certainly a feature you can advertise.

We Install Energy-Efficient Window Walls

We can install window walls for your home or office. We also install siding. As you can see in our gallery, we install windows of all sizes. Contact Exteriors Unlimited and boost home energy savings with a window wall renovation.

Residential Window Replacement

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