Summer Siding Cleaning: How to Keep the Surface Clean During the Hottest Season

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Dirty siding may stand out more in the summer simply because it’s more apparent in the bright sunlight. This makes cleaning siding during the summer all the more important if you are concerned about your property’s curb appeal. Here are some of the cleaning techniques that will give you the best results.

Why Siding Becomes Dirtier in Summer

Rainfall decreases during the hot summer months. This means fewer chances for the rain to wash away dirt on the surface of the siding. In addition, dust is also more common during summer due to the dry weather. Dry weather combined with wind allows dust to cling to the siding. 

Best Materials for Cleaning Siding

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need sophisticated cleaning materials or synthetic detergents. All you really need is a hose and a brush or clean towel. If you’re dealing with an older stain, then you may require a pressure washer, which we discussed in a previous post. For most jobs, though, water and a brush/towel will suffice. If you choose to use detergent, be sure it doesn’t contain chemicals that could harm the surrounding soil.

Summer Siding Cleaning Tips

We recommend scrubbing or wiping from the bottom up but rinsing from the top down. This reduces unsightly dust streaks. On the subject of rinsing, we also advise doing so in small sections at a time, preferably in 5×10 feet sections. Like windows and car surfaces, siding is vulnerable to water spots. Rinsing in small sections ensures that you wipe down the surface before any area has a chance to dry. This is especially pertinent in the summer as the heat rapidly accelerates the drying process. 

We Restore Siding

The tips we mentioned pertain to cleaning. For functional maintenance of siding or windows, contact Exteriors Unlimited. View our gallery to see how clean and new siding looks like. Summer siding cleaning is an integral part of home maintenance. 

Siding Maintenance and Replacement

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