How to Power Wash Siding

power wash siding

Your house’s siding is exposed to the elements 24/7. As such, it naturally begins to stain and accumulate grime. It may take more than a towel and a sprayer to restore the surface. You may need to use a power washer. Here’s the correct way to power wash siding for the best results.

Safety First

A power washer is not a toy. In fact, it’s a very dangerous tool due to the high-pressure spray. As a safety precaution, please don protective goggles. The spray can send dirt at high velocity in your direction.

Also, refrain from using a ladder. The pressure from the spray may throw you off balance, causing you to lose your footing. If you need to reach higher, use an extender nozzle.

Finally, avoid spraying directly at windows. The pressure may be powerful enough to cause the window to crack or shatter completely. 

The Proper Technique

Keep the nozzle about one meter away from the siding and spray from a 45-degree angle, starting from top to bottom. Do not position the nozzle too close to the siding so the pressure doesn’t damage the surface. It may also press the dirt even more deeply into the surface rather than blow it away.

If using detergent, first rinse the siding using the pressure washer with plain water. Next, apply detergent and spray before finishing with another spray of plain water.

We recommend power washing the siding every two years. This will remove mildew and grime, which can damage certain types of siding. Also consider a power wash if you plan to paint the surface.

We Install New Siding

If the siding is badly worn, then it’s beyond what a power washer can do. Call Exteriors Unlimited if you suspect siding damage. View our gallery to see how new siding looks in a typical residence. Power washing siding keeps the home exterior looking pristine.

Home Siding Replacement

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