Is DIY Siding Installation Possible?

diy siding

Installing your own siding can’t be that hard, right? You can certainly save a lot of money, and all it takes is a day or two of rolling up the sleeves. Is DIY siding installation really doable?

The Truth About DIY Siding Installation

Many homeowners have enquired whether they can just buy their own siding from a wholesale supplier and install the siding without involving a professional service. Unfortunately, the job is not as simple as just snapping on the new siding over your existing material.

First, your existing siding and/or wall may have problems, such as mold or significant wood rot. You can’t just put new siding over it and forget about it. Secondly, would you even be able to detect signs of serious damage?

Do You Have the Right Tools?

Siding installation requires some basic tools, such as a tape measure, utility knife, electric drill, fasteners, etc. You probably already have these in your tool box. However, the job also requires commercial-grade equipment. This includes a break, an expensive tool that bends metal to conform to the shape of the trim pieces. Are you willing to pay several hundred dollars for a tool you will probably only use once every 20 years?

Rules and Regulations

Your municipality may also have rules regarding what you can and cannot do with your home’s exterior. This is especially the case if your home is a condo or your property is part of a homeowner’s association. Do you know how to acquire a permit or know if one is even required?

Leave It to the Pros

Whether it’s siding or windows, leave the installation to professionals with the right tools and know-how. Contact Exteriors Unlimited and view our gallery to see what a finished job looks like. DIY siding installation is not a realistic solution.

Professional Residential Siding Installation

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