How to Remove a Woodpecker from Your Siding

remove woodpeckerWoodpeckers peck at trees; that’s a given. However, they actually do not discriminate, as long as the material is wood. If you have cedar or other wooden siding, they may peck at that as well. Removing a woodpecker from your siding is doable and does not require harming the birds.

Why Woodpeckers Love Siding

Why do woodpeckers target your siding when trees abound nearby? Like trees, siding provides a nesting ground for various insects. If woodpeckers can peck through the siding, they practically have an insect and grub buffet. Also, don’t think they will just target a single siding panel. They will go after multiple sections to gain multiple access points.

Visual Deterrents

Some homeowners hang CDs, believing that the reflective material keeps woodpeckers at bay. While the birds may initially be wary, they will quickly ignore them, once they realize they’re not a threat.

You need objects that are even shinier. Good options include repellent balloons, repellent tape, and repellent discs.

Electronic Repellents

Some homeowners find visual repellents aesthetically unappealing. Electronic repellents provide a more discrete option that doesn’t ruin curb appeal. Most models emit sounds that mimic predatory calls. Others emit ultrasonic sounds that are beyond the human hearing threshold.

Suet Feeder

You can make woodpeckers feel at home in other ways. You can keep a suet feeder on the property. This is similar to an ordinary bird feeder but it contains suet cakes that the birds can feed on. As long as they have an easily-accessible food source, they will leave your precious siding alone. We suggest placing feeders next to windows if you prefer watching birds feeding.

Protect Your Siding by Removing Woodpeckers

Check out our gallery of pecking-proof siding. Exteriors Unlimited can replace damaged siding or install siding that discourages bird activity. Removing a woodpecker from your siding prevents destruction of a highly visible part of your property.

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