Why Are My Windows Making Popping Noises?

window popping, popping noiseOccasionally, you might hear a popping noise inside or outside the home. This could give you a scare, but the sound is alerting you that something is amiss with your window or siding. We’ll explore the cause of the window popping noise and what to do about it.

What Causes the Window Popping Noise?

One cause stems from the window’s aluminum cladding. Temperature fluctuations cause repeated contraction and expansion of the extruded coil stock inside the cladding. Another cause is improper installation. When installed out of square or plane, the frame’s jamb can bend inward and put undue pressure on the sash. Reinstallation is in order.

Popping Noise from Vinyl Siding

Aluminum windows aside, popping sounds could also occur if you have vinyl siding. Vinyl naturally expands in response to temperature changes. For this reason, installers must not nail the siding too tightly to the exterior wall. They must leave space for the expansion to occur. If you leave no space between the siding and wall, the siding buckles, leading to the eventual popping.

This is why installation is not a DIY process. A professional installer understands the small attention to detail such as what we described. You can remedy this issue by removing the siding and reinstalling it the right way.

Popping Noise from Both Windows and Siding

The popping sound might also be a combination of the window and siding. This is especially the case if you have low-E glass windows and aluminum siding. The window reflects sunlight and directs the rays to the adjacent siding, causing the same contraction and expansion.

We Fix the Annoying Popping Noise

Our testimonials prove why we are a trusted Spokane Valley window and siding installer. Give Exteriors Unlimited a call if popping sounds are aggravating you. Window popping noises seldom resolve on their own.

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