How to Eliminate Bees Around Your Siding

bees sidingThe siding on your home protects is, as well as adding an attractive visual element to the exterior. Unfortunately, depending on its condition, siding might also serve as a breeding ground for pests. Bees around the siding is especially a problem in the Spokane Valley region.

How Siding Attracts Bees

Siding installation varies; some installers don’t cover the fascia trim, which leaves an opening for bees. The space behind the siding boards provide the ideal space for establishing a colony. Your home is especially prone to boring bees if your siding consists of untreated wood. If the wood is decayed, then that makes the siding even more attractive to these buzzing critters.

Once bees build a nest, you have the obvious danger of stinging insects near your home. But that’s not the only problem. As the bees produce eggs, they attract predators, such as woodpeckers. We don’t need to explain what woodpeckers could do to the siding as they search for the larvae.

How to Keep Bees Away

We can cover any exposed wood with an aluminum trim covering. We also suggest replacing wooden siding altogether. Vinyl is a sturdier option and can mimic the appearance of real cedar. Aside from bees, vinyl is also less attractive to termites, not to mention being more resistant to fungus.

If bees are already present, then you need to contact pest control. We don’t recommend DIY removal due to the obvious risks. You might also need to remove a portion of the siding to expose the nest. If you insist on DIY measures, then do so in the evening when the colony is less active.

Keep Pests Out of Your Siding

While 2019 is still young, take the time to upgrade your home with new siding and windows. Browse our gallery to see our visually appealing and insect-resistant options. If you don’t want bees around the siding, give Exteriors Unlimited a call for siding fortification.

Residential Siding Upgrades

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