Vinyl Siding for a Historic Home Restoration

historic home siding, vinyl sidingDo you live in a pre- or early-1900s home? The property clearly has an old-world charm. Nevertheless, with the passage of time cladding surfaces become worn and rotten. We’ll explain why vinyl siding for historic homes is the best choice from both a functional and aesthetic level.

Why Vinyl Siding for a Century-Old Home?

Circa 1900-era homes in the Pacific Northwest mostly contained yellow clapboards with blue or white scallop detailing. This is a signature look for residences of that period.

Vinyl siding comes in many varieties that resemble this type of clapboard minus the upkeep. Installers can often find an exact or near-exact match. In fact, homeowners have their choice of over 400 certified and fade-resistant color palettes.

While clapboards of those days were wood, modern vinyl siding can replicate the same look. Side-by-side, wood and made-to-look-like-wood siding are nearly indistinguishable, even up close.

Vinyl siding also nicely complements other compatible restorations, such as windows and masonry.

Other Home Types That Do Well With Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding’s compatibility goes beyond turn-of-the-century homes. We also recommend vinyl for these home architecture styles:

  • Colonial and Georgian
  • Classical Greek
  • Gothic revival
  • Victorian and Queen Anne
  • Pre-railroad New England

The Functional Appeal

Wood, for all its luster and visual appeal, has serious drawbacks. It requires major upkeep to prevent cracks, rot, and insect damage. Wood siding and clapboards also require frequent sealing and repainting.

With vinyl, very little upkeep is required other than the occasional cleaning. This requires nothing more than a hose and mild soap.

We Install Vinyl Siding for Historic Homes

An historic home isn’t just living quarters, it’s also a part of a town’s history. Contact Exteriors Unlimited if you own such property. Our gallery showcases our work for classic and contemporary houses alike. Vinyl siding for historic homes keeps the nostalgic charm in place.

Vinyl Siding for Classic Homes

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