The Appeal of Custom-Shaped Windows

custom shaped windows, geometric windowsWindow replacement is a big investment that pays dividends down the road. However, energy efficiency is only one of the many factors you should consider. While secondary, you should also consider custom-shaped windows. Any geometric shape besides the typical rectangle is a welcome change for most homeowners.

Why Custom-Shaped Windows?

Take a stroll around your neighborhood and look at the homes. 99% of the houses have rectangular windows. That is simply the default choice. Unless you specify a specific shape, you’re going to receive a window with four pointy corners.

A window of any other geometric shape adds to the curb appeal, simply because of  the novelty. After all, how often do you see a residential window with a rounded perimeter?

You can also add custom-shaped windows as an additional fixture above or to the sides of a traditional window. This provides more total window surface to allow in more light.

Custom Window Shapes

Consider some of these window configurations:

  • Circular or oval
  • Ellipse
  • Circular top with extended legs and flat bottom
  • Cathedral style with a triangular top
  • Hexagon or octagon
  • Quarter arch
  • Pentagon or equilateral pentagon

Other Custom Considerations

Homeowners have other custom options besides the shape. This includes:

  • Designer glass: You can incorporate decorative etched glass patterns or privacy glass.
  • Energy-efficient glass: Consider double or even triple-pane glass for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Decorative grids: You can add grids between the glass layers to create a distinctive design. Flat or contoured are the two most popular choices.
  • Colors: Give the glass a specific hue. A bluish tint, for example, complements nicely with coastal blue siding.

We Install Custom Designs

Are you ready for a window upgrade? Call Exteriors Unlimited for new window installation. Browse our gallery to see how homes improve at an aesthetic level with new windows. With custom-shaped windows, you have a whole new way of introducing curb appeal.

Custom Window Installation

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