Stonework Home Siding Options

stonework and sidingDoes your home’s exterior partially consist of stonework? Perhaps you plan to renovating the area completely using a combination of stonework and siding. We’ll go over some siding options for a stonework home. Certain colors complement nicely with certain types of stones.

Choose the Stone

If you plan to install stone, then we suggest choosing the stonework before deciding on the siding. Personally, we think cobblestone, fieldstone, and shadow ledgestone are some good choices. These options work well for both contemporary and traditional-style homes. They also work for condos and apartment complexes.

Choose the Siding

Once you have a stonework style and color in mind, you can begin thinking about the siding. We recommend the squint test. Squint your eyes at the stone. This allows you to home in on the dominant color if the stones consist of multiple hues.

With a specific color locked in, you can determine a siding color that perfectly complements the dominant stone color.

The siding color doesn’t have to be an exact match as long as it’s close. You’ll want it to match so that a passerby, staring from a distance, won’t be able to discern where the stone ends and the siding begins.

Choose a Secondary Color

For the most part, we recommend matching or tone-on-tone colors for the stonework and siding. If you want some contrast, then we suggest a differing color for the trim. The door and window trims are good spots for a contrasting hue, as are the roof eaves and front porch railings.

We Provide Multiple Siding Options for a Stonework Home

While we don’t provide the stonework, we do provide a plethora of siding material and colors. You can view our gallery to see how certain sidings complement different house styles. Contact Exterior Unlimited to learn more about the siding options for a stonework home.

Residential Siding Installation

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