How to Prevent Drafty Windows

drafty windows, window replacementWith summer here, a chilly draft may not be exactly on your mind. However, occasional cold weather in the summer isn’t totally unheard of. Drafty windows are a primary cause of the cold making its way indoors. We’ll show you how to seal a window to prevent wind penetration.

Apply Caulk

Do you see visible gaps between the glass and frame of the window? Remove any remnants of old caulk, dirt, and peeled paint around the gaps. Apply some replacement caulk, being careful not to caulk too close to the window’s opening.

Alternatively, you can apply weather stripping, which is more application-friendly for people who don’t normally partake in DIY repairs. Yet another option is to apply shrink film. Secure the film in place with double-sided tape and shrink it to size with a blow dryer.

Replace the Glazing

The glaze around the pane will detach or loosen with age. If you’re a weekend DIYer, then you can remove the glaze from the pane. Apply a fresh coating of putty and reattach the pane.

A draft may also occur if cracks develop in the glass. Fill in the cracks and chips by applying clear-coat nail polish.

When It’s Time for Replacement Windows

At what point are repairs futile? We recommend a replacement if the windows have major cracks, moisture inside the panes, or wood rot in the frame. If the windows are so old that they’re showing these signs of wear, then they’re probably several decades old. Windows have evolved since then; newer models are far more energy efficient.

Upgrade to New Windows

Contact Exteriors Unlimited if the windows are literally coming apart. Many homeowners replace their windows as part of a whole home makeover that also includes siding replacement. See our gallery for pics of new window installments. Drafty windows keep the interior from achieving optimal energy efficiency.

New Insulated Window Replacements

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