How Glass Failure Affects Your Windows

glass failureSpring is the ideal time to clean the windows in your home. Homeowners tend to especially neglect the exterior-facing side of the windows, often holding off on cleaning until the weather clears. Well, spring is the ideal weather for window maintenance. This is also the time of year to check if your windows have glass failure.

Glass Failure Explained

Even after cleaning both the interior and exterior side of the window, you may still notice the surface appears foggy. No matter how many times you spray on the Windex, the glass won’t regain its crystal-clear quality.

The problem is not the cleaner or rag; the glass has simply failed. Glass failure occurs when air and moisture manage to penetrate the thermal seal between the glass panes. This causes the foggy look. In addition to the faded effect, you may also notice dry water spots.

Windows with the greatest sun exposure are especially vulnerable. These windows experience more temperature fluctuations, causing constant expansion and contraction that loosens the seal. Older windows are also more prone because the seals are reinforced with caulk, which can disintegrate with age.

The Solution

We recommend replacing windows that show signs of glass failure. New windows utilize a spacer that safeguards the thermal seals. We also recommend replacing windows if you spot mold between the panes. This is usually a sign that the glass has failed for some time. Windows with failed glass are also less efficient, meaning you’re probably paying more on your energy bill without realizing it.

We Replace Glass-Failed Windows

Spring is the ideal time of year for window and siding replacement now that the winter chill is behind us. Contact Exteriors Unlimited or see our gallery of renovations for various Spokane Valley properties. Window glass failure is not only an eye sore but also degrades home efficiency.

Up-to-Date Window Replacements for Spokane Homes

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