Is There Window Mold on Your Window Frames?

window moldYou typically expect to find mold in the bathroom, basement, or on siding. Did you know, though, that mold also grows on window frames? Homeowners are rarely aware of window mold due to the lack of visible signs. We’ll show you how to detect, prevent, and eliminate it.

Signs of Window Mold

Window mold typically manifests at the bottom of the window, right at the joint between the glass and sash frame. Even if the mold is right in the center of the window, you might not notice it, or you might mistake it for typical stains. The mold may not even be visible at all because the color matches the hue of the glass.

Window Mold Prevention

Prevent window mold the same way you prevent mold elsewhere. This means prevent the accumulation of water. Windows accumulate moisture due to a leak or condensation. Older windows are more susceptible to both issues. We suggest replacement windows that leak or are prone to condensation, because new windows are far better at preventing water seepage and air infiltration.

In addition, you can also reduce condensation by keeping the thermostat above 70-degrees and opening ceiling vents.

Removing Window Mold

Follow these DIY steps for mold removal:

1.   Cover the floors below the window to catch falling mold

2.   Increase ventilation by opening other windows or the door

3.   Spray the window with a homemade mixture of bleach and warm water

4.   Wipe with a non-abrasive brush

5.   Let the window completely dry and be sure to wipe away any traces of residue

We Replace Mold-Infested Windows

Even if you remove the mold, the window may be in a condition that invites future mold growth. Call Exteriors Unlimited to replace your outdated windows. Visit our gallery to see the installation of new windows for Spokane Valley homes. Mold growth on windows is a sign that the window seal is probably not be operating efficiently.

Residential Window Replacement

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