Are Boxelder Bugs Appearing on Your Siding?

boxelder bugs on sidingThe Pacific Northwest is home to countless species of bugs. One such critter is the boxelder. These bugs like to hang around residences, and especially on the siding. We’ll explain why boxelders live on siding and whether this is a cause for alarm.

What Are Boxelders bugs?

Adult boxelder bugs are about half an inch in length. You can identify them by their black wings with reddish stripes. As suggested in their name, these pests feed off of seed pods from the boxelder tree.

Do you have a boxelder tree in your yard? If so, you can expect boxelder bugs to be close by. While they may take refuge inside the tree, they may also establish camp in crevices in your siding. You may not really see them in winter, but expect them to surface come spring.

Are Boxelder Bugs Dangerous?

You don’t have to be worried about Boxelder bugs. They don’t bite or spread any diseases. They are, however, a nuisance. Once they take refuge in your siding, some may find their way indoors. Bugs of any sort are hardly ever welcome inside.

Boxelder bugs may also leave behind excrement that can stain your siding, and even your windows, if their presence spreads far enough. The same issue arises if they make their way inside.

Boxelder Bug Removal

The best solution is removing the boxelder tree in your yard. If this solution is too extreme, then the next best step is sealing your home. You should also caulk any cracks and openings in your siding.

We’ll Replace Cracked Siding

We’re not pest control, so we can’t remove boxelder bugs. However, we can replace damaged siding that provides entryways for the critters. Give Exteriors Unlimited a call or see our gallery for samples of our residential siding. New siding prevents boxelder bug intrusion and other unwanted pest infestation.

New Residential Siding Replacement

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