Why Window Screens Are Just as Important as Windows

window screensSturdy, high-quality windows are important. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give equal attention to the mesh window screens. The screens have far more benefits than just keeping out houseflies and the occasional wasp.

4 Reasons Window Screens Are Important

1. Curb Appeal

A ripped window screen makes the house look unmaintained. Most real estate agents urge home sellers to replace any ripped screens. Replacing window screens is easily affordable and improves exterior appeal. This goes hand-in-hand with siding replacement, which we also recommend before putting your home on the market.

2. Dirt Protection

Screens act as a filter that catches dirt, grime, and other debris. You can easily remove the buildup on the screen with a quick rinse with a hose.

3. Insulation

Most homeowners don’t know that mesh screens reduce heat transfer by reducing solar heat gain. The screen essentially acts as a first line of defense that keeps sunrays from reaching and penetrating the windows.

For this same reason, you may want to consider removing the screen now that fall is here. The absence of the screen increases solar heat gain, bringing more warmth to the home during the cold season.

4. Water Protection

Screens repel a good amount of rain water. Water pooling around the window can lead to mold growth. Yes, mold can grow on windows. They can actually grow on window screens, too. However, you can fix this quite easily by using a bleach spray and soft brush.

We Provide Window and Window Screen Replacement

Do you have ripped window screens? Call Exteriors Unlimited to replace both the window and screen or just one or the other. Our gallery shows how homes appear when you replace these important home components. Do not overlook the role of window screens, which serve a functional and aesthetic role.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Window and Screen Replacement

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