Can Low-E Windows Damage Your Neighbor’s Home?

Low-E GlassWe spoke at length about the benefits of low e-glass in a previous post. However, we must discuss a rumor spreading online regarding energy efficient windows. Apparently, some people suspect that low-e glass may damage a neighboring home. We’ll go over the rumor and whether it’s true.

The Rumor Explained

The buzz is that low-e glass may damage a neighbor’s siding, causing it to warp. This especially occurs in the summer as barometric changes cause low-e windows to bow inwards and reflect sunlight. The window essentially becomes a magnifying glass that casts sunrays in a laser-beam-like focus. If your neighbor’s home is directly in front of the window, then it absorbs the heat. The temperature from magnified heat can exceed 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Vinyl siding begins to warp at around 165 degrees.

How Valid Is this Claim?

According to a study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, no extensive research exists on the topic, so the whole hoopla over low-e windows directing heat and damaging adjacent homes is just speculation.

Should You Be Worried?

We don’t deny that these incidents are real. However, the occurrences are rare, and Pacific Northwest temperatures often don’t rise to a point where it can cause windows to magnify that degree of heat. However, if you’re still concerned, then we recommend the following:

· Install awning to block sunlight from the window

· Diffuse the sunlight by installing window screens over the outer glass

· Reflect sunrays by installing a privacy screen over the windows

Our Low-E Windows Won’t Damage Neighboring Homes

Exteriors Unlimited can install energy-efficient windows. Check out our numerous testimonials; in all our years of service, we have never received a complaint about our glass reflecting heat. Even in the summer, the Spokane area doesn’t quite reach blistering temperatures. Homeowners need not worry about low-e glass damaging a neighbor’s home.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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