Enlarge a Room with Bay or Bow Windows

bay or bow windowsMany homeowners are turning to renovating strategies for making certain rooms appear larger than they are. This is the best solution, short of physically expanding the house, which is beyond the budget of most property owners. One simple way to create the perception of a larger living space is the addition of bay or bow windows.

What Are Bay and Bow Windows?

Bay and Bow windows are similar in design and both protrude from the main wall of the home. This also provides additional windowsill space to use for décor items or as a makeshift seating area. Bay and bow windows are similar in appearance and structure, though they differ in the following manner:

  • Bay windows have three angled windowpanes, vs four to five for a bow window
  • Bow windows are more curved and semi-circular, while bay windows have sharper corners between panes.
  • A bay window’s sharper angles are more suitable for contemporary homes, while bow windows are a better fit for Victorian-inspired designs. Both styles also complement nicely with horizontal or vertical siding.

Both window styles add depth and dimension to an otherwise small room. The addition of new windows also makes the space appear brighter. Old, clouded window panes inhibit light penetration. This makes the room darker, causing the space to feel smaller.

Other Ways to Create an Illusion of More Space

You can also make a few other simple adjustments besides the addition of bay or bow windows. Consider furniture with concealed storage compartments. You should also stick to neutral colors as much as possible. Too many bold colors can make a space feel compact.

We’ll Grace Your Home with New Windows

Look up our gallery to see the many types of windows we have installed for various Spokane Valley homes. Exteriors Unlimited will install bay or bow windows to help your home achieve a spacious interior appearance.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

New Window Installation for a Roomier Living Space

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