Does Your Home Have a Bathroom Window?

bathroom windowA bathroom remodel should take function into consideration just as much as aesthetics. Of course, there are various ways of achieving the best of both worlds. One way is by installing a bathroom window.

Benefits of a Bathroom Window

Most bathrooms don’t have a window. Or, they have a small one that doesn’t let ample light shine through. A regular size window enhances natural lighting and makes the small room feel more open and airy. This is especially so when the light reflects against the mirror.

A window also means you can cut back on electric use since you won’t need to flip on the light switch during daylight hours.

A window also means an extra opening, a huge plus since no room is more prone to moisture than the bathroom. The window doubles as ventilation; it’s a sustainable alternative to using the room’s exhaust fan.

On the aesthetic side, adding a window opens a whole new set of décor options. Incorporate your choice of curtains, blinders, or valences. From the exterior, a window will also complement nicely with an existing siding wall.

Best Windows for the Bathroom

We recommend either a sliding glass or double hung window for bathrooms. Vinyl windows in double pane glass is a good choice here because they reduce heat loss through the glass. They also reduce heat transfer that occurs through the frames.

Low-emissivity glass is another good choice. This lets the light in while blocking out most of the heat. This type of glass also traps heat when temperatures are greater indoors, thus keeping the bathroom mildly comfy.

We’ll Add a Functional and Visually Pleasing Window

Scheduling a bathroom makeover? Contact Exteriors Unlimited to install a new window or replace an existing one. Our gallery shows some of the living room and bathroom windows we have installed for Spokane Valley residences.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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