Common Fiber Cement Siding Problems

Fiber Cement SidingEvery type of siding has its respective pros and cons. Fiber cement siding is no exception. While this variety is known for its ability to withstand high temperatures and salty air, it is not without its drawbacks. Fortunately, common fiber cement siding problems are quite fixable and can even be solved by the homeowners in some instances.


Gaps may form between the planks. This is usually because the siding was too wet when installed. For the most part, if the gap is less than 1/18-inch wide, you can mask the gap by painting over the caulking using the same color as the rest of the siding. For wider gaps, though, you’ll need to bring in a professional to readjust the siding.


Fiber cement siding isn’t resistant to physical impact and can crack if struck. Cracks often occur when the siding is installed in a newly constructed home. This is because the house has not completely settled yet on its foundation. Instead of replacing the panel entirely, most cracks can be fixed using fiber cement patch, available at your local hardware store. Simply apply the putty over the crack and smooth it out with a knife or trowel.

Paint Loss

Excess exposure to moisture can cause the laminate surface to wither away. This subsequently causes the paint to peel away. This can be prevented by limiting water exposure from sprinklers, gutters, and garden hoses. If the surface does get wet, dry it immediately with a towel.

We Address Fiber Cement Siding Problems

Exteriors Unlimited can make small repairs to the problems listed or replace the siding altogether if need be. We install siding the right way to ensure these issues don’t happen in the first place. We also do window replacements; you can check out our gallery of work to see why we’re among Spokane Area’s trusted exterior home renovators. We have run into common fiber cement siding problems before, and it’s something we can address.
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